Masato Yokosawa wins the CoinPoker Super High Rollers

After a grueling four hour heads up battle, Japan’s Masato Yokosawa emerged victorious at the APT Korea ChampionshipsCoinPoker Super High Rollers – to pocket ₩74,160,000 and his first-ever APT title.

Masato Yokosawa, CoinPoker Super High Roller champion

The CoinPoker Super High Rollers was the first time a buyin of this size was offered by the APT in Korea. Although it only attracted six players, that was plenty enough considering that each one forked out the ₩16,000,000 entry fee. By the end of registration, two players added-on to further fatten up the prize pool to ₩124,160,000.

Due to the small field, this entire bulk was initially intended for the eventual champion; a winner-take-all pot. Throughout the night, railbirds gawked at the payout and were surprised no deal was discussed at heads up. After three hours though, a deal was finally agreed on to pay out two places.

Recapping the event, the SHR ran for two days with Kilian Loffler as the only player eliminated on Day 1, he fell to Chung Yuan Dennis Yu. Dennis had a big opening day bagging up the chip lead with just over three starting stacks amounting to 1.2M.

Final 5, Dennis Yu on seat 3

On the final day, the first to bow out was Calvin Sung Won Lee. Calvin Lee was clearly the most aggressive player at the felt. He initiated the action for a majority of the orbits but after taking a beating on one of the hands, he had difficulty recovering. On a full board of Q 4 A K J with around 200k in the pot, small blind Yokosawa bet 120k, Calvin Lee raised to 300k, Yokosawa moved all in, and Calvin Lee quickly folded.

Calvin Lee

At four-remaining, the tides turned on Dennis Yu. His big stack dropped then took a nosedive against Winfred Yu. With blinds climbing, Dennis Yu put his tournament life at risk on A K against shorter stacked Winfred Yu with Q Q. The board ran K 8 Q 7 2 awarding Winfred Yu a set and a double up. Down to 6bbs, Daniel Hyong Gin Lee took the rest of his chips.

Winfred Yu vs Dennis Yu

At three-handed, the ante bb format began to eat up Winfred Yu’s stack. He eventually moved all in on the small blind with A 3 but big blind Daniel Lee had A K to send him out next.

Winfred Yu eliminated

This brought about the heads up match between Daniel Lee and Masato Yokosawa. Lee was ahead 2:1 but with the blinds still low, there was plenty of playing time with average stack at around 56 bbs.

One hour in, Yokosawa took the lead on a huge hero call. On a raised pot preflop, and blinds at 20k-40k ante 40k, both players checked the flop and turn 6 5 5 4, until the river came 7. Lee checked, Yokosawa bet 150k, Lee raised to 500k, sending Yokosawa tanking for a some time. Yokosawa eventually called and won the pot with K 7 higher kicker over Lee’s 7 9.

As the game wore on, both players evened up, and at the end of the third hour, a deal was discussed and reached. Another hour of play continued before Yokosawa shipped in a massive double up to eventually cripple and eliminate Lee.

Heads up: Daniel Lee vs Masato Yokosawa

The hand began with Yokosawa limping in and Lee checking. The flop ran 3 6 5. Lee checked, Yokosawa bet 200k, Lee shoved, and Yokosawa called. Lee had 5 3 two pair, Yokosawa with 2 4 straight. The turn 8 and river 2 completed the board. Lee was down to 3bbs and was eliminated in 2nd place two hands after.

Congratulations to Masato Yokosawa for winning the first-ever CoinPoker Super High Rollers event in Korea! He earned ₩74,160,000 for his victory. Daniel Lee pocketed ₩50,000,000 for 2nd place.