Moses Saquing aka “moe jiggy” clinches the Championships Event

It will no doubt be a grand celebration for Filipino / American player Moses Saquing aka “moe jiggy” who entered the Championships Event Final 8 as the overwhelming chip leader then proceeded to clinch it. Throughout the six hour title chase, with 127 hands tabled, Saquing was never at risk of elimination nor was his big stack ever surpassed. He defeated Filipino Czar Ian Marcos at heads up to lift the coveted APT Championships Event Trophy, APT Champions Ring, and a career high payout of Php 3,008,400 (~US$ 57,285). Congratulations to the champion! You can relive the final 8 race via APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

The APT Philippines 2022 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – ran from May 4 to 8 at partner venue Resorts World Manila with 162 ponying up the Php 82,500 buy in. This built a guarantee crushing prize pool of Php 11,785,500 (~US$ 224,415). The money flowed at Day 3 starting at 17th place, the Final 8 players returned today to chase down the coveted title. Here is how they placed. 

Buy in: Php 82,500 (~US$ 1,570)
Guarantee: Php 8,000,000 (~US$ 152,300)
Entries: 162 
Prize pool: Php 11,785,500 (~US$ 224,415)
ITM: 17 places

Day 1A: 25 advanced out of 52 entries – recap 
Day 1B: 41 advanced out of 79 entries – recap 
Day 2: 31 entries – recap 
Day 3: 17 players remaining – recap

Final 8 payouts

1st Moses Saquing “moe jiggy” – Philippines / USA – Php 3,008,400
2nd Czar Ian Marcos – Philippines – Php 2,065,600
3rd David Erquiaga – Philippines – Php 1,435,900
4th Thomas Ward – New Zealand – Php 1,037,200
5th Ahmed Ibrahimi – Morocco – Php 775,600
6th Enrico De Rosa – Italy – Php 598,600
7th Lam Cheuk “Nam Jai” – Hong Kong – Php 475,400
8th Thijs Hilberts – Netherlands – Php 387,300

Final 8 rundown

Due to technical issues, we were unable to broadcast the first level of the Final 8. During that time, 15 hands were tabled and Dutch pro Thijs Hilberts became the day’s first casualty. On just the third hand, Hilberts four-bet jammed J J and was called by Ibrahimi A K. The board ran  Q K A 5 K for a crushing full house. You can read up on the first 15 hands in the Live Updates.

Thijs Hilberts – 8th

Once the stream was resolved, it took another 17 hands for the next player to drop. Hong Kong’s Lam Cheuk Nam Jai lost the race in 7th place with J J outdrawn by moe jiggy’s A Q four diamonds on the board.

Lam Cheuk Nam Jai – 7th place

Italy’s Enrico De Rosa entered the final 8 as third in chips but suffered multiple hits to plummet and eventually forced all in on the 57th hand of the day. He managed to quadruple up but not enough to be a threat. On the next hand he was eliminated in 6th place by Ibrahimi with J 7 pair over K 6.

Enrico De Rosa – 6th place

Down to five players, Morocco’s Ahmed Ibrahimi seesawed, losing a costly pot to moe jiggy with two pair over mid pair. This sent his stack plunging to 6.5 BB while the leader amassed over half the chips in play. Desperate for a double up, Ibrahimi shoved on the next hand and got fully paid for his straight flush 10 9 on a board Q 6 3 8 J. Ten hands later, he was dealt his last hand, pushing A 5 that  gained no traction against Erquiaga’s A A

Ahmed Ibrahimi – 5th place

Three hands later, Ibrahimi was joined to the rail by New Zealand pro Thomas Ward in 4th place. Ward also roller-coastered throughout his run. His last hand was a shove with A 8 that was called by Erquiaga A 9. The board ran 10 10 K 7 3 for a knockout nut flush. 

Thomas Ward – 4th place

The final three players were all from the Philippines guaranteeing another APT major win for the host country. Moe jiggy was still the man in command with over half the chips in play. On hand #105, the shorter stacks David Erquiaga and Czar Ian Marcos banged heads. Erquiaga A 9, Marcos A 9, the board ran a stunning 2 4 A 8 K for a winning flush to Marcos and 3rd place to Erquiaga who was behind by just 10k. 

David Erquiaga – 3rd place

Heads up opened with both players quite deep. Moe jiggy with 91 BB and Marcos with 42 BB. However it only took 22 heads up hands for the champion to emerge. Prior to the victory, Marcos dragged in a huge pot on a board K J 2 10 A. He pushed on the river, moe jiggy tanked for some time then opted to fold. In the stream, it revealed Marcos had 10 5 flush, moe jiggy K Q straight. 

Czar Ian Marcos – 2nd place

After the big loss, moe jiggy was still ahead and intended to keep it that way. He attacked nearly every ensuing hand and successfully widened the gap between them. The final clash saw the leader raise, Marcos three-bet jammed, and was called. Moe jiggy A J, Marcos K 9, the board ran 3 J 3 5 J

Moe jiggy – champion

Congratulations to the champion! 

Event results