Mark Gruendemann wins the WeLoveSport Turbo and Chi Jen Chen claims the Hyper Turbo

The awards table of APT Taiwan 2020 continues to thin out with another two side event trophies finding permanent homes. Congratulations to the latest winners Mark Gruendemann and Chi Jen Chen. Once again, everyone that cashed in these events were awarded points towards the APT Player of the Series race so make sure to check your points via the link below. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard 

APT Taiwan 2020 results

Mark Gruendemann wins the WeLoveSport Super Deep Stack Turbo

Three’s the charm for Irish player Mark Gruendemann who lifted his first trophy of the series. Prior to his victory, Gruendemann already had two cashes under his belt, getting close to a win at the High Rollers Single Day by one spot. His relentless chase was rewarded at the WeLoveSport Super Deep Stack Turbo, overcoming the 44-entry field to pocket TW$ 82,000 (~US$ 2,700).

Buy-in: TW$ 7,700 
Entries: 44
Prize pool: TW$ 298,800

Recapping the action, during the bubble round, Hsu Chin Liang got lucky when his K J top pair against a player’s A J top pair higher kicker, improved at the completion of the board turn 2 and river K. This then led to the fall of the unlucky player on the bubble pushing with Q J that missed against Chia Hui Huang‘s A 5

1st Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 82,000 (deal made)
2nd Hsu Chin Ling – Taiwan – TW$ 74,200 (deal made)
3rd Fulin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 43,500
4th Chia Hui Huang – Taiwan – TW$ 31,400
5th Collin Ho – Singapore – Taiwan – TW$ 23,500
6th Hamamoto Kenji – Japan – TW$ 18,100
7th Go Mori – Japan – TW$ 14,400
8th Ping Jui Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 11,700

As turbos go, once the money flowed, shoves were popular. Hamamoto Kenji doubled up through Ping Jui Lai. Short stacked Fulin Tseng scooped a triple up when K Q saw a king on the board to overtake Gruendemann’s 7 7 and Ping’s 8 5. Ping won the side pot. This brought Gruendemann down. He pushed from cutoff with J 8, called by sb Fulin with K 7. With a jack finding the board, Gruendemann was saved. 

Collin Ho sent Ping packing in 8th place on another three way showdown. Ho had K 6 flush to Ping’s A 6 and Gruendemann’s 6 5. Kenji dropped low after paying a double up to Fulin with A Q spiking a queen to overtake 8 8. Ling then pushed A K on the button and big blind Go Mori risked his short stack with 7 7. An ace on the window held and it was down to six players. 

On a flop 6 A 3, Gruendemann was all in again. He had A Q and Ling called with A 5. The turn and river were 7 2. Double up for the Irishman. Gruendemann took the lead on the next hand winning another pot against Ling however immediately dropped a tower by doubling up Ho. On Ho’s next shove, Ling denied the Singaporean with A A staying ahead of Q J

Gruendemann proceeded to rail Huang (4th) and Fulin (3rd) to face Ling at heads up with the advantage. The players agreed on an deal that guaranteed first TW$ 82,000 and 2nd TW$ 74,200. Gruendemann never relinquished the lead and closed it out with K 5 snap-call to Ling’s A J shove. The final board was K 5 7 10 K.

Chi Jen Chen wins the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

51 jumped in the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo with only 9 guaranteed to profit. Taiwan’s Chi Jen Chen claimed the victory, defeating fellow countryman En Hao Chan at heads up. He pocketed TW$ 60,100 (~US$ 2,000) and his third-ever APT event trophy. 

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 51
Prize pool: TW$ 247,300 (~US$ 8,200)

Catching the action only at three-handed, the Chi Jen Chen, En Hao Chan, and Ori Kossonogi agreed on a deal. Immediately after, Kossonogi was eliminated with 4 4 falling to Chen’s A K on a board 10 J K Q 4. This gave Chen the big lead at heads up. Several hands dealt, Chen continued to lead then finally put the door stopper on Chan. The last hand saw Chan shove on a flop Q 6 5 and Chen check-called with Q Q set. The turn was 9 and river 7

1st Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 60,100 (deal made)
2nd En Hao Chan – Taiwan – TW$ 50,00 (deal made)
3rd Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 50,000 (deal made)
4th Li Lun Hsiao – Taiwan – TW$ 25,200
5th Zheng Guan Yu – Taiwan – TW$ 18,800
6th Lee Kun Han – Taiwan – TW$ 14,500
7th Ya Shu Yang – Taiwan – TW$ 11,500
8th Ronaldo Junio – Philippines – TW$ 9,400
9th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 7,800


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