MAIN EVENT- VND 8 Billion GTD begins today! Dafabet APT Survivor promo and sponsors Head Hunter

After a buzzing opening day at the APT Kickoff 2019 Vietnam, we jump right into the featured event here at Pro Poker Club in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon). The MAIN EVENT starts today and as advertised, it comes with a whopping VND 8 Billion guarantee. This is the first of two APT majors offered with the second one – the Championships Event – running back-to-back. Also running today is the Dafabet Head Hunter event. To be in the know, read up on the info provided below.

Main Event – VND 8 Billion Guaranteed

As our top of the line tournament, the Main Event has continuously been hailed as one of the best in the region. The structure is deep with blinds increasing at a slow 60 minute pace. Opening blinds are at 25/50, starting stack at 25,000. The APT utilizes the Ante Big Blind format.

  1. The “ANTE BB” format utilizes the ante first rule before the big blind. This rule applies in the event that the big blind player cannot cover the full amount of both the ANTE and BB.
  2. The “ANTE BB” structure remains the same regardless of the number of players at a table.

The Main Event runs for six days from today, January 10 to 15. Buy-in is VND 22,000,000 with unlimited re-entries. Registration closes at the first deal of Day 2. Cards in the air daily at 1pm local time.

Day 1A: Thursday, January 10 – play 9 levels
Day 1B: Friday, January 11 – play 9 levels
Day 1C: Saturday, January 12 – play 9 levels
Day 2: Sunday, January 13 – play 8 levels
Day 3: Monday, January 14 – play to the Final 8 players
Final 8 Day: Tuesday, January 15

New Pay Table for Featured Events

Due to feedback from players, we’ve adjusted the pay table only for the featured events – Main Event and Championships Event. As stated in our previous post,

“Players have argued that the “dream of winning big” was lost with the “1 in 6” scheme. Therefore, the featured events will now see a payout structure of 10% of the field with bigger prizes awarded to the top 3 places. As for the side events, which includes the High Rollers events, these will maintain the “1 in 6” payout.”

Bubble protection

Two years ago, the APT introduced the Bubble Protection. This is a type of insurance for players on the bubble round. If a protected player falls on the bubble, then that player will receive his/her buy-in back in the form of APT tournament credits. To be eligible, all you need to do is follow these three simple steps:

  1. Pre-register
  2. Draw for your seat before starting time
  3. Have your chips put into play before the first hand is dealt for each starting day

*Important notes:

  1. For re-entry players, if you have already met the qualifications for Bubble Protection, you will maintain that status only on a same day re-entry.
  2. For re-entry players wanting Bubble Protection on the next starting day, you will have to repeat the steps above. This also applies to players going for multiple stacks.
  3. Tournament credits are only valid for one (1) year.

Dafabet APT Survivor promo and Head Hunter event

Online betting site giant, Dafabet, will be extending a fantastic promo called the Dafabet APT Survivor. The top three finishers of the Main Event wearing the Dafabet patch will each receive a Main Event seat to APT Tokyo Japan 2019 taking place in February.

To be eligible for the prize, players need only wear the Dafabet patch while playing the Main Event. If the winners are unable to utilize their prize, they can convert it to $200 cash and redeem it the next day by creating a Dafabet account. See poster below for all the details. 

Dafabet will also be sponsoring the Head Hunter event taking place today. This is one of the APT’s most highly attended tournaments. Excitement is at maximum right from the get-go with players usually very aggressive for the bounty reward. Buy-in is VND 8,800,000 and for every player you eliminate, you receive an instant VND 2,000,000. This is a scheduled two-day event. Cards in the air at 3pm.