Main Event over $400K, one final flight to enter; Ho Bao Qiang high rolls to victory; 3 final tables for MK FALCON

The inaugural APT Online Series has reached the halfway mark with six of the twelve days completed. The games opened on April 29 at GG Network Natural8 with the final day taking place on May 10. Last night, the promise of a $ 1.57 million guarantee was obliterated with a running total $ 1,982,000 in prize pools collected. 

Over the next six days, plenty of games yet to be won with 31 events remaining. The hottest ticket is the MAIN EVENT which is currently underway. After four flights, the $ 200K guarantee more than doubled seeing 938 entries. If you haven’t signed up, now is the time. All you need to do is head to Natural8 .

APT Online Series schedule

APT Player of the Series update

Featured: Main Event $ 200k GTD update

Last night, Flight C and Flight D brought in a combined 475 entries, slightly higher than Flight A and Flight B’s combined 463 entries, for 938 entries across four flights. With one more flight to complete, crossing 1000 entries is certain. As for the prize pool, it has grown to $ 445,550 which is over double the guarantee. 

Flight A: 41 advanced out of 177 entries 
Flight B: 74 advanced out of 286 entries 
Flight C: 43 advanced out of 190 entries 
Flight D: 67 advanced out of 285 entries

AfternoonAA – Flight D chip leader 

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 200,000
Cumulative entries: 938
Cumulative prize pool: $ 445,550
Final Day qualifiers: 225

Just to give everyone an idea of the figures. Below are the current top 9 payouts. Those numbers will grow by the end of registration on May 5.  

May 5 schedule

16:00: Flight E (turbo)
20:00: Main Event Final Day

*Live Updates on Main Event Final Day leading up to the final table.

*The final table will stream live in these official channels (one hour delay):

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

Event #26:No Limit Hold’em – MK FALCON – $ 5,882.74

A swell turnout seen at the Day 6 opener No Limit Hold’em event with 151 entries to more than double the advertised guarantee. MK FALCON was one of the day’s top performers landing three final table appearances which included a victory at this event. MK FALCON out-dueled both of his opponents at three-handed to lift a first APT Online Series title and $ 5,882.74. MK FALCON moved up to 9th rank in the leader board. 

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 12,500
Total entries: 151
Prize pool: $ 28,237
ITM: 23 places

Armo OB led at the start of the final table. As it ran… kirard28 delivered the first two busts to rise to second rank. Natural8 Team Hot Kosei Ichinose finished off BeDobla, MK FALCON eliminated pug2019, massan7 caught a lucky river against Ichinose, then Armo OB regained the chip lead railing Ichinose in 5th place.

Several orbits completed before MK FALCON shipped all of massan7’s stack. MK FALCON scooped up more chips in a hand against the leader to take the riens for the first time.

The three handed bout was a long one resulting in the lead switching from player to player several times. Kirard28 landed a big double up with A 7 over Armo OB’s Q 10. Armo proceeded to fall to MK FALCON who then amassed a towering stack over kirard28 at heads up. MK FALCON soon shipped it.

Final table payouts

1st MK FALCON – $ 5,882.74
2nd kirard28 – $ 4,220.30
3rd Armo OB – $ 3,324.52
4th massan7 – $ 2,499.25
5th Kosei Ichinose – $ 1,878.84
6th pug2019 – $ 1,412.44
7th BeDobla – $ 1,061.82
8th foldnutsjam1 – $ 798.23
9th ChokDeeKrap – $ 600.08 

Event #27: Progressive Bounty – TheDuck1 – $ 7,225.95

TheDuck1 came out slashing heads to keep above water and scoop the $ 3,166.64 first prize. In addition, TheDuck1 collected an impressive $ 4,059.31 worth of bounties, which was more than the first place money, to earn a grand total $ 7,225.95 in this event.

Buy in: $ 200
Guarantee: $ 12,500
Total entries: 169
Prize pool: $ 31,603
ITM: 27 places 

Catching up with the action at the final 8, shortest stacked Henri Buehler went on a rush with a fast triple up then railed lingling_lee.

Buehler’s rush was halted by BIG CHI who knocked out the next three players. First, BIG CHI doubled up through Buehler with aces dominating ducks, railed lastonemile with kings over eights, booted Jayboy_11 in 5th place with trip kings, and Buehler in 5th place with set over set.

On the way to heads up, MK FALCON doubled up through xDTzx who then fell to TheDuck1. BIG CHI claimed a fourth victim, rivering a higher flush against MK FALCON.

At the final showdown, BIG CHI had a 2:1 lead against TheDuck1 but couldn’t keep it intact. Twenty minutes of one on one action saw TheDuck1 take the lead, proceed to grind down BIG CHI, then win it with full house over trips.

Final table payouts

1st TheDuck1 – $ 3,166.64 + $ 4,059.31 bounties = $ 7,225.95
2nd BIG CHI – Canada – $ 2,395.27 + $ 1,604.84 bounties = $ 4,000.11
3rd MK FALCON – $ 1,811.85 + $ 140.25 = $ 1,952.10
4th xDTzx – $ 1,370.54 + $ 338.94 bounties = $ 1,709.48
5th Henri Buehler – $ 1,036.71 + $ 660.33 = $ 1,697.04
6th Jayb0y_11 – $ 784.20 + $ 620.90 = $ 1,405.10
7th lastonemile – $ 593.19 + $ 280.49 = $ 873.68
8th lingling_lee – $ 448.71 + $ 140.25 = $ 588.96
9th LEN1234980 – $ 339.41 + $ 821.04 = $ 1,160.45

Event #28: No Limit Hold’em – Dosobyc – $ 7,660.64

Player Dosobyc became the third player to win a second title! A few days ago, Dosobyc shipped Event #17: Progressive Bounty then last night, added this one after defeating Puzzzle at heads up. Dosobyc claimed $ 7,660.64 and another APT Trophy.

Buy in: $ 300
Guarantee: $ 15,000
Total entries: 125
Prize pool: $ 35,062.50
ITM: 20 places

Due to a double bust, the final table consisted of 8 players with Dosobyc out front. Dosobyc’s stack took a small hit paying a double up to short stacked ekziter2 who then landed another double up through Puzzzle. Puzzzle claimed it back and more by booting ekziter2 in 6th place. Puzzzle wasn’t done, denying Kurily’s set with a rivered flush.

Dosobyc got back on the horse, scalping then next two players to face Puzzzle at heads up with a 2:1 advantage. Puzzzle made a valiant effort to crack the leader however it was not to be. The final hand was ace-queen dominating ace-nine for the win.

Final table payouts

1st Dosobyc – $ 7,660.64
2nd Puzzzle – $ 5,680.95
3rd TheGreatDanton – $ 4,212.92
4th GodBleCoup.. – $ 3,124.24
5th Kurily – $ 2,316.89
6th ekziter2 – $ 1,718.18
7th COVID2019 – $ 1,247.17
8th arulary – $ 994.91 

Event #29: High Roller Turbo – Ho Bao Qiang “Yummers” – $ 10,356.51

 Ho Bao Qiang username “Yummers” landed a first series win at the High Roller Turbo to pocket a cool $ 10,356.51 and climb to 16th rank in the leader board. Qiang is a well known pro player in the APT live circuit. Among his APT achievements was a High Rollers victory in 2019.

Buy in: $ 500
Guarantee: $ 15,000
Total entries: 92
Prize pool: $ 43,700
ITM: 13 places

The money was reached at the fall of DhaneshChainani on the bubble with Daddy Cool taking him down. From there, bust outs were in rapid pace. Yummers brought in the largest stack to the final table.

Lots of great action followed. Fastest riser was laiibhari who railed Roti Canai (9th) then shin-b immediately after calling with 2 3 that improved to a sick full house.

Out next was mommyfinger who fell to Daddy Cool who in turn met the rail at the hands of laiibhari. Daddy cool pushed with king-jack preflop and ran into pocket queens. Laiibhari was running hot, picking up another stack by railing IceLeekakaTayfun to amass two-thirds of the chips in play.                                                                          

Yummers woke up with aces to rail TheGreatDanton next. Yummers did the same to OBellaCiao to face laiibhari at heads up. The final race kicked off with laiibhari widening the gap between them but Yummers responded with a double up to cripple laiibhari down to 5bbs by catching a straight on the river. From there, Yummers closed it out with jacks holding up against king-five.

Final table payouts

1st Yummers – $ 10,356.51
2nd laiibhari – $ 7,843.22
3rd ObellaCiao – $ 5,939.88
4th TheGreatDanton – $ 4,498.42
5th IceLeekakaTayfun – $ 3,406.77
6th Daddy Cool – $ 2,580.04
7th mommyfinger -$ 1,953.93
8th shin-b – $ 1,479.76
9th Roti Canai – $ 1,271.47 

Event #30: NLH Turbo – Fireburns – $ 3,417.40

The NLH Turbo event stayed consistent with its previous installments dragging in the largest field of the day. Overcoming the 406 entry field was player Simon Burns username Fireburns turning $ 50 to a sweeter $ 3,417.40 payday. 

Buy in: $ 50
Guarantee: $ 10,000
Total entries: 406
Prize pool: $ 18,980.50
ITM: 71 places 

Kicking off the final table, Event 26 winner, MK FALCON, was the player to catch up to. Players tumbled incredibly fast that several players sat on the leader’s seat. KOBS sent MK FALCON to doom on a bad beat then knocked out FBadBeats in 3rd place.

First heads up hand, Fireburns doubled up. A deal was discussed but not reached. Fireburns went on attack mode, landing a double up to eventually ship it.

Final table payouts

1st $ 3,417.40
2nd $ 2,504.66
3rd FBadBeats – $ 1,835.90
4th MK FALCON – $ 1,345.71
5th Pkcaz – $ 986.40
6th DealBro? – $ 723.03
7th Icecream85 – $ 529.98
8th liuxiaolai2013 – $ $ 388.47
9th HOBZ – $ 284.75