MAIN EVENT Final 8 players; Ho Bao Qiang with a commanding lead

After a grueling battle in Day 3, the bubble burst, the money flowed, and on the seventh hour of play, the MAIN EVENT Final 8 players was formed. The race to the title begins at 130pm Taiwan time on Tuesday, October 15. Catch all the action as it streams live on APT Twitch

Final 8 players

Seat 1: Ho Bao Qiang – Singapore – 2,231,000 (chip leader)
Seat 2: Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – 638,000
Seat 3: Zong Chi He – Taiwan – 1,127,000
Seat 4: Wilson Lim – Singapore – 224,000
Seat 5: Roman Shcherbakov – Russia – 215,000
Seat 6: Shao Hung Lee – Taiwan – 345,000
Seat 7: Wei En Shih – Taiwan – 1,165,000
Seat 8: Jinho Hong – Korea – 1,182,000

Chip counts by rank

Ho Bao Qiang – Singapore – 2,231,000 (111 bbs)
Jinho Hong – Korea – 1,182,000 (59 bbs)
Wei En Shih – Taiwan – 1,165,000 (58 bbs)
Zong Chi He – Taiwan – 1,127,000 (56 bbs)
Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – 638,000 (32 bbs)
Shao Hung Lee – Taiwan – 345,000 (17 bbs)
Wilson Lim – Singapore – 224,000 (11 bbs)
Roman Shcherbakov – Russia – 215,000 (10 bbs)

Average stack: 890,625
Chips in play: 7,125,000

Resuming blinds: 10K – 20K ante 20K (Level 24) counting down from 14:03

Final 8 payouts

1st TWD 1,949,900
2nd TWD 1,299,700
3rd TWD 903,500
4th TWD 652,600
5th TWD 488,000
6th TWD 376,700
7th TWD 299,100
8th TWD 243,700

Final 8 players – Brief bio

Ho Bao Qiang – Singapore – 2,231,000 (111 bbs)

Massive chip leader Ho Bao Qiang has cashed at the APT several times but only once at the tour’s Main Event where he finished 19th on September 2016. To accumulate his enormous stack, Qiang cracked aces twice in Day 3 and closed the day with his own pair of aces that eliminated Po Cheng Yang in 9th place. 

Jinho Hong – Korea – 1,182,000 (59 bbs)

2019 is shaping up to be a big year for Jinho Hong. Last month, Hong cashed in four events at APT Philippines 2019: one was a victory at the Monster Stack, runner-up at two High Rollers events, and 12th at the featured Championships Event. This earned him 3rd place in the APT Player of the Series. At the ongoing Main Event, Hong topped the end of Day 2 and bagged an impressive second rank stack entering the final 8. 

Wei En Shih – Taiwan – 1,165,000 (58 bbs)

Wei En Shih was quite the force in Day 3.  He was one of the early shakers, even earning the chip lead at a time. This is his first APT Main Event final table appearance and already his largest tour cash wherever he places. Shih holds the largest stack of the four Taiwanese players at the final 8. 

He Zong Chi – Taiwan – 1,127,000 (56 bbs)

He Zong Chi did nothing but pile in the chips in Day 2 and Day 3. He was the first player to accumulate 1m in chips. This will be his second APT cash having reached 3rd place at the Head Hunter last week. In his poker career, He already has two Main Event titles under his belt, both earned in Taiwan. The largest was at the HKPPA Premier League back in April for USD 39,000. 

Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – 638,000 (32 bbs)

Chia Yun Wu was in danger of elimination during the bubble round. He pushed his short stack with A 5 and got called by a player with A 9. A five was on the flop and held to avoid the rail. No matter where Chia finishes, he will have earned his largest APT payout and deepest APT Main Event run. He has already surpassed his 40th finish result back in March.  

Lee Shao Hung – Taiwan – 345,000 (17 bbs)

Lee Shao Hung is the fourth Taiwanese player at the final table. He denied Tetsuya Tsuchikawa a second title by sending out the Japanese pro in 12th place. This is Lee’s first APT cash and APT final table appearance. 

Wilson Lim – Singapore – 224,000 (11 bbs)

Singapore’s Wilson Lim is back at the final table for his third appearance at the series. Last week he finished 4th at the Head Hunter event and 7th at the High Rollers single day. Among his numerous career cashes are two 5th place finishes at previous series APT High Rollers events. This is his first APT Main Event final table appearance. 

Roman Shcherbakov – Russia – 215,000 (10 bbs)

Last year in June, Russian player Roman Shcherbakov finished 3rd at the APT Incheon Korea Main Event for his largest live tournament cash of ~USD 15,000. 

Main Event Day 3 – Chip leader and ITM players

APT Taiwan 2019  drew 285 entries to the Main Event each one shelling out the TWD 33,000 buy-in for a prize pool worth TWD 8,293,500 (~USD 270,400). Day 3 heat saw 37 players return to action at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association all of them looking to cash and claim a final 8 seat.

One of the early risers was the day’s entering second chip leader He Zong Chi. He brought the same fire and momentum he displayed in Day 2. During the bubble round, He took control of the table and became the first player to reach a million in chips. The money eventually flowed at the fall of Hwang Sang Yeon. 

With cash secured, the last 29 players hunted down a final 8 seat. Charging up the ranks was Singapore’s Ho Bao Qiang. Qiang crushed the hopes of several players and closed the day as chip leader with an overwhelming 2,231,000 stack. That was nearly double the amount of his closest competitor. Qiang will enter the last leg of the race with 111 bbs. 

To help Qiang amass his enormous stack, he knocked out Lee Hwany in 23rd place then proceeded to crack two pocket aces. The first one witnessed him catch a lucky river two pair with 9 4 on a board 9 Q 3 7 4. This sent Kelvin Beattie out in 22nd place. The shoves were on the flop.

Later, he burned Craig Edwards in 16th place with J J improving to a flush on a board 10 6 9 2 K defeating A A. Day 3 ended when Qiang eliminated Po Cheng Yang in 9th place. This time Qiang had the best hand at showdown with A A over A J.  

Day 3 had plenty of thrilling action. Check it out via our Live Updates.  

ITM players

9th Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – TWD 203,100
10th Hsieh Chi Han – Taiwan – TWD 169,200
11th Kevin Choi Yun Lam – Hong Kong – TWD 141,000
12th Tetsuya Tsuchikawa – Japan – TWD 141,000
13th Anson Wong – Hong Kong – TWD 117,500
14th Chow Cliff – Hong Kong – TWD 117,500 
15th Kenichi Takarabe – Japan – TWD 117,500
16th Craig Edwards – USA – TWD 97,900
17th Tian Lin Chang – Taiwan – TWD 97,900
18th Song Byung Hwa – Korea – TWD 97,900
19th Lee Chun Kit – Hong Kong – TWD 81,600
20th Guo Dong – China – TWD 81,600
21st Joey Wong – Hong Kong – TWD 81,600
22nd Kelvin Beattie – Japan – TWD 81,600
23rd Lee Hwany – Korea – TWD 68,000
24th Foo Yong Cheong – Singapore – TWD 68,000
25th Kim Hak Do – Korea – TWD 68,000
26th Kim Dong Yeol – Korea – TWD 68,000
27th Ma Chun Yu – Hong Kong – TWD 68,000
28th Hui Wai Kwok – Taiwan – TWD 56,700
29th Kristof Segers – Belgium – TWD 56,700