Tran Huy Hoang railed in 9th place – VND 172,440,000

Tran Huy Hoang will not be joining to the Final 8 round having met the mighty axe of none other than Joseph Talamayan. The hand saw Tran raise from the button and Talamayan defending on the big blind. At the flop K Q 9, Talamayan checked, Tran bet 70k, Talamayan called. On the turn 5, Talamayan checked, Tran shoved his 283k stack, Talamayan called.

Tran Q J pair
Talamayan 10 2 draw

The river 5 sent a roar around the table with Talamayan granted the flush. Tran was railed in 9th place and earned VND 172,440,000.