Three-way showdown: Lim Chor Heng skyrockets to 1.23M

Lim Chor Heng’s attacks have just awarded him a massive pot and the chip lead. With 95k already brewed preflop, the cards came J 10 2, Lim bet 38k, Cao Ngoc Anh called, sb Sumit Sapra check-shoved, bb folded, Lim all in for 484k, back to Cao Ngoc who tanked. He used two time banks then found the guts to call for a three-way showdown.

Sapra K J top pair
Lim 10 8 pair + flush draw
Cao Ngoc A J top pair top kicker

The turn 9 kept Cao Ngoc ahead but the river K gave Lim the flush he needed to ship it. Sapra out, Cao Ngoc down to 187k. Lim up to 1.23M.

Lim Chor Heng

We have now reached the bubble round with 21 players remaining.