APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 Championships Event

Day 3 ends! Final 8 reached!

With the fall of Tran Huy Hoang in 9th place, Day 3 is over. The Final 8 players has been established. We will have a recap for you shortly. For now, check out the live posts to see how the day unraveled. Congratulations to the Final 8 players!

Joseph Talamayan – Philippines – 3,715,000
Oliver Helm – New Zealand – 1,476,000
Ashish Munot – India – 1,041,000
David Erquiaga – Philippines – 934,000
Vamerdino Magsakay – Philippines – 893,000
Nguyen Nam Duong – Vietnam – 637,000
Tanaka Masatoshi – Japan – 439,000
Lim Chor Heng – Singapore – 390,000

Total chips in play: 9,524,700
Average stack: 1,190,587
Opening blinds: 12K – 24K ante 24K (countdown from 29 minutes)

Tran Huy Hoang railed in 9th place – VND 172,440,000

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Tran Huy Hoang will not be joining to the Final 8 round having met the mighty axe of none other than Joseph Talamayan. The hand saw Tran raise from the button and Talamayan defending on the big blind. At the flop K Q 9, Talamayan checked, Tran bet 70k, Talamayan called. On the turn 5, Talamayan checked, Tran shoved his 283k stack, Talamayan called.

Tran Q J pair
Talamayan 10 2 draw

The river 5 sent a roar around the table with Talamayan granted the flush. Tran was railed in 9th place and earned VND 172,440,000.

David Erquiaga wins the flip against Helm

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

David Erquiaga and Oliver Helm went on a preflop war that led to all the chips in. Erquiaga was at risk with A K, Helm with Q Q. The board ran Q J 10 for a straight to Erquiaga and a set to Helm. The turn 3 and river 4 kept Erquiaga ahead to double up to 934k. Helm dropped to 1.5M.

Bobby Zhu Xinghua eliminated in 10th place – VND 143,700,000

Level: 21 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Oliver Helm raised to 45k, Bobby Zhu Xinghua three-bet shoved his 314k stack, Helm called. Bobby A Q, Helm 9 9, the board ran J 2 K K 5. Bobby out in 10th place for VND 143,700,000 payday. Helm now up to 1.920M.

We are down to the 9 players. One more bust before we close Day 3.

David Erquiaga vs Lim Chor Heng

Level: 21 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Cutoff Lim Chor Heng raised to 66k, big blind David Erquiaga three-bet to 216k, Lim tanked, used a time bank, then called. At the flop K 3 2, Erquiaga was all in for 85k, Lim folded. Erquiaga went up to 560k, Lim dropped to 335k.

Ashish Munot doubles up through Magsakay

Level: 21 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Vamerdino Magsakay raised to 45k, Ashish Munot shoved 457k, Magsakay called. Munot showed Q Q, Magsakay with A K. The flip went Munot’s way with no hits for Magsakay on the board. Munot up to nearly 1M. Magsakay just under 1M.

Vamerdino Magsakay five-bet scoop

Level: 21 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Heavy preflop action began with Bobby Zhu Xinghua raising to 45k, Lim Chor Heng called, button Vamerdino Magsakay three-bet to 180k, Bobby folded, Lim four-bet to 430k, Magsakay tanked and used up a time bank then shoved for an additional 455k to Lim. Lim folded. Magsakay up to 1.4M. Lim down to 500k.

Joseph Talamayan increases to 3.2M

Level: 21 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

We are still at 10 players but one man has a third of the chips. Joseph Talamayan claimed a pot against Ashish Munot to rise o 3.2M. The hand began with a raise by Munot to 50k from cutoff, sb Talamayan called. At the flop J 5 5, Munot bet 50k, Talamayan check-called. On the turn K, action switched, Talamayan led for 150k, Munot called. The river 4 saw Talamayan fire 300k, Munot had 515k behind and opted to fold.

Talamayan up to 3.2M.

Tanaka Masatoshi with two boosts before the final table

Level: 20 Blinds: 8K-16K Ante: 16K

Before Binh Minh fell in 11th place, Tanaka Masatoshi landed back-to-back double ups to bring him to over 500k. The first one was preflop all in with A 6 and was paid by Lim Chor Heng with K J on a blank board.

The next double up he called button David Erquiaga’s 38k raise preflop from the small blind. At the flop 5 4 2, Tanaka shoved, Erquiaga called. Tanaka 7 6, Erquiaga overpair 8 8. The turn J and river 6 completed the board. Tanaka hit his flush. Erquiaga dropped to just over 500k.