APT Vietnam 2018

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa wins the Main Event – VND 1,638,200,000

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa is the newest APT Main Event champion! Tsuchikawa knocked out three players at the final 7 round including Quang Nguyen at heads up. Tsuchikawa shipped his first-ever APT major championship title and the VND 1,638,200,000 first prize.

Congratulations to Tetsuya!!

Quang Nguyen – 2nd place – VND 1,092,130,000

Level: 33 Blinds: 150K-300K Ante: 300K

It took a sick cooler to wrap up the Main Event! Tetsuya Tsuchikawa raised to 650k, Quang Nguyen three-bet to 1.6M, Tsuchikawa called. At the flop 2 A 8, Quang led for 1.6M, Tsuchikawa flat-called. On the Q turn, Quang bet 1.9M, Tsuchikawa all in, and a call by Quang.

Tsuchikawa A A top set
Quang Q Q second set

The river 2 completed the board and Quang ended his run in 2nd place. He earned VND 1,092,130,000 for his impressive run.

Benjamin Gonzva – 3rd place – VND 762,500,000

Level: 32 Blinds: 120K-240K Ante: 240K

Benjamin Gonzva all in with A J, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa had him covered with Q Q. The board threw blanks, 4 8 7 K 5 to end Gonzva’s run in 3rd place. He earned VND 762,500,000 for his deep finish.

Teoh Ming Hong – 4th place – VND 555,030,000

Level: 31 Blinds: 100K-200K Ante: 200K

Teoh Ming Hong all in with A 7, Quang Nguyen had him dominated with A K, the board ran 9 6 Q 5 9. Teoh earned VND 555,030,000 for his 4th place finish.

Mei San Ang – 5th place – VND 419,470,000

Level: 30 Blinds: 80K-160K Ante: 160K

Mei San Ang K 3, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa A 9, board runs out P8c} 8 A Q 3. Mei exits in 5th place for VND 419,470,000.

Le Long Stephane – 6th place – VND 327,860,000

Level: 30 Blinds: 80K-160K Ante: 160K

Short stacked Le Long Stephane all in with A 6, Tetsuya Tsuchikawa ahead with 10 10. The board ran 4 Q 2 5 7. Stephane out in 6th place for VND 327,860,000 payday.

Vu Manh Phong – 7th place – VND 264,060,000

Level: 29 Blinds: 60K-120K Ante: 120K

Vu Manh Phong shoves with A J, Mei San Ang calls with 8 8. Board runs A K 3 4 9 for a winning flush to Ang. Phong out in 7th place for VND 264,060,000.