APT Taiwan 2019 Main Event

Eliminations 10th – 53rd

Elimination 10th – TWD 273,100

10th Jacky Wong

Eliminations 11th – 12th – TWD 227,600

11th Park Yu Cheung “Sparrow”
12th Wu Siao Jhong

Eliminations 13th – 15th – TWD 189,700

13th Xuyang Zhang
14th Tzai Wei Phua
15th Chien Hsun Wang “Kevin

Eliminations 16th – 18th – TWD 158,100

16th Tsai Yao Te
17th Lim Yohwan
18th Chung Kin Fai

Eliminations 19th – 22nd – TWD 131,700

19th Yuki Miyakura
20th Huang Fan Hao
21st Wong Ka Shing
22nd Yunsheng Sun

Eliminations 23rd – 27th – TWD 109,800

23rd Fou Yong Cheon
24th Sung Chi Hei
25th Ying Lin Chua
26th Soo Jo Kim
27th Li Chen Tsai

Eliminations 28th – 36th – TWD 91,500

28th Ho Man Tsun
29th Chen An Lin
30th Chen Hao
31st Ou Shu Nan
32nd Chan Kai Jan
33rd Go Mori
34th Philip Wang
35th Ying Xin
36th Russell Thomas

Eliminations: 37th – 45th – TWD 76,200

37th David Ting
38th Yi Wei Peng
39th Ting Lin Way
40th Wu Chia Yun
41st Mark Yeow
42nd Lee Kun Han
43rd Kwok Ting Shum
44th Lee Tse An
45th Chen Yu Hung

Eliminations: 46th – 53rd – TWD 63,500

46th Chan Ying Kit
47th Justin Chan
48th Chou Caien Ta
49th Po Hung Lai
50th Huang Wei
51st Wang Shih Ciao
52nd Chi Ying Tsai
53rd Yeun Lok Kin

Day 3 ends!

After a grueling 15 hours with players very exhausted at the length of the game, Day 3 finally ended. The final 9 players return tomorrow at 230pm.

James Jagger 2,820,000
Chow cliff 2,095,000
Co Chung Chuen 2,095,000
Wan Wei Han 1,315,000
Lo Hung Leuk Matthaus 1,155,000
Li Min Jie 1,110,000
Kwon Chung Kong 940,000
Alan King Lun Lau 870,000
Jeonggyu Cho 700,000

Total chips in play: 13,075,000
Average stack: 1,452,778

See you back here tomorrow!

Jacky Wong falls in 10th place – TWD 273,100

Level: 29 Blinds: 30K-60K Ante: 60K

Jacky Wong struggled with a short stack for a majority of the late game stage but managed to stick it out but not enough for a return to the final day. Wong was all in for 230k, called by Co Chung Chuen, Jeonggyu Cho, but Chow Cliff on the bb three-bet to 515k. Chuen folded, Cho called for a side pot.

At the flop 9 2 Q, Chow was all in, Cho folded, side pot to Chow. Chow showed A A, Wong with K J, the turn K improved Wong but not enough. The river 9 sealed the win for Chow and Wong ended in 10th place. He earned TWD 273,100 for his deep run.

Alan Kin Lun Lau plummets, James Jagger back up

Level: 29 Blinds: 30K-60K Ante: 60K

Same as Jeonggyu Cho, James Jagger paid a double up then landed one of his own. He three-bet shoved on top of Alan King Lun Lau’s 120k raise. Lau with A K, Jagger with J J, the board bricked for a double up to 2.7M. Lau dropped to 870k.

Jeonggyu Cho doubles up through Jagger

Level: 29 Blinds: 30K-60K Ante: 60K

Immediately after paying a double up, Jeonggyu Cho was all in wiht K J and faced James Jagger with A Q. The board was kind to Cho as it ran K 10 5 5 8 to keep him in the running. He doubled up his 620k stack and is back to 1.3M.

Li Min Jie doubles up

Level: 29 Blinds: 30K-60K Ante: 60K

Jeonggyu Cho raised to 130k, Li Min Jie shoved his short stack of 390k, Cho called. Cho with 2 2, Li with K K, no improvement for Cho on the board for a double up to Li for his full house.

Alan King Lun Lau vs Jacky Wong

Level: 29 Blinds: 30K-60K Ante: 60K

On a raised pot preflop, two players looked on a flop 2 4 5. Bb Jacky Wong checked, button player Alan King Lun Lau bet 65k, Wong called. On the 10 turn, no bets landed. The river Q, Wong checked, Lau shoved, Wong folded.

Play to the final 9

Level: 28 Blinds: 25K-50K Ante: 50K

Players have requested for a stop in the game. It was turned down but they now just have to play to the final 9 players. That means one more bust out before we cap Day 3. Game resumes….

Wan Wei Han doubles up through

Level: 28 Blinds: 25K-50K Ante: 50K

Utg Wan Wei Han shoved his 635k stack, everyone folded around to the big blind Co Chung Chuen who tanked then put in the big call.

Chuen K Q
Wan A K

The board ran 7 2 Q 8 2 for a double up to Wan to 1.3M.