APT Philippines II 2019 Championships Event

Day 2 is a wrap! John Costiniano bags the chip lead with over a million

After another eight rounds of action, Day 2 of the Championships Event is a wrap! Stealing the lead during the last few hands was Filipino player John Costiniano. He ended the day with 1,070,000.

40 players remained
13,250,000 chips in play
331,250 average stack

We will have the chip counts up shortly along with a recap.

John Costiniano wins three pots to steal the chip lead

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 6000

John Costiniano will close out Day 2 as chip leader having just picked up three hands in a row to send him over 1M. The first hand he raised from utg+1 and Julien Weymouth called. At the flop 5 8 A, Weymouth bet 21k, Costiniano answered with a check-raise to 80k. Weymouth folded.

Next hand was a big one and it was against the then chip leader Cao Ngoc Anh. From utg, Costiniano raised to 18k, button Anh three-bet to 45k, called by Costiniano. At the flop 8 10 10, both checked and the turn came 7. Costiniano led for 55k, he got the call. On the river 2, Costiniano fired 150k and Anh snap-called. Costiniano revealed his 8 8 full house, Anh mucked. Costiniano at a million. Anh dropped to 750k.

The last hand of the day at the table was next. Button Lester Edoc raised and bb Costiniano defended. On the flop 6 Q 9, Costiniano check-called a 10k bet. On the turn 6 and river 5 no bets landed. Costiniano showed Q J and claimed it with Edoc mucking.

Alex Lee goes up, Diego Gonzales plunges

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 6000

Battle of the blinds, on a full board 7 8 4 7 J, sb Alex Lee had 10 9 straight to double up against bb Diego Gonzales’s A 8. Lee over 300k, Gonzales dropped to 32k.

Gyeong Byeong Lee paid for the boat

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 6000

On a flop A 9 4, Jingxuan Zhu bet 15k, Seongmook Jung shoved, Gyeong Byeong Lee also jammed, Zhu folded. Lee K 9, Jung Q 3, the turn J sealed the win for a full house to Lee. Lee is up to 270k.

Jingxuan Zhu has the flush

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 6000

Utg Seongmook Jung limped in and bb Jingxuan Zhu checked. The flop ran A 10 K, Zhu check-called a 9k bet. On the turn 8, Jung fired 18k and Zhu check-called again. On the river 2, no bets arrived. Zhu showed Q 10 nut flush for the pot as Jung mucked seemingly very upset.

Jeonggyu Cho rivers it against Ji Young Kim

Level: 16 Blinds: 3000-6000 Ante: 6000

Cutoff Jeonggyu Cho raised to 14k and bb Ji Young Kim defended. On the flop J K 8, both checked it and the turn came A. Kim bet 13k, Cho called. On the river K, both checked again, Kim showed J 8 two pair on the flop but Cho was ahead with A 9 two pair on the river.

Last level of the day; 51 remaining

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 5000

51 remaining
13,250,000 chips in play
259,804 average stack

Chip leaders:

Cao Ngoc Anh 945k
Jingxuan Zhu 800k
Jeonggyu Cho 800k
John Costiniano 790k
Benigno Ledina 650k
Jinho Hong 600k

Cao Ngoc Anh rails Hojoon Choi, up to 945k

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 5000

Cao Ngoc Anh continues to hold a commanding chip lead with 945k. His recent victim was Hojoon Choi who was all in on a flop 8 A K with A Q top pair but Anh had 8 8 set. The turn 7 and river 6 completed the board. No improvement for Choi.

Chip leader update

Level: 15 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 5000

53 players remaining
13,250,000 chips in play
250,000 average stack

Chip leaders:

Cao Ngoc Anh 890k
Jingxuan Zhu 780k
John Costiniano 600k