APT Philippines 2022 Main Event

Day 3 ends! Final 8 formed with Niroshan Loganathan up top

With the fall of Filipino pro Lester Edoc in 9th place, Day 3 of the Main Event concluded. Congratulations to the Final 8 qualifiers! They return on Tuesday, May 3 at 130pm for the final race to the title and the huge Php 4,004,100 first place cash. We will have a recap for you shortly. For now, scroll through our live updates for all the big action.

Final 8 players by seat

Seat Player Country Chips
1 Niroshan Loganathan Canada 1,855,000
2 Renniel Galvez Philippines 1,455,000
3 Moses Saquing Philippines 358,000
4 Ryan Jerico Platon Philippines 1,483,000
5 Richard Marquez Philippines 556,000
6 Shunpoker Japan 1,383,000
7 Jae Chang Korea 1,491,000
8 Kai Tse Hong Kong 676,000

Average stack: 1,156,250
Chips in play: 9,250,000 
Opening blinds: Level 25 – 12K-24K-24K BB Ante (4:57 remaining)

Remaining payouts

1st Php 4,004,100
2nd Php 2,669,300
3rd Php 1,885,700
4th Php 1,340,300
5th Php 1,002,300
6th Php 773,600
7th Php 614,300
8th Php 500,500


Lester Edoc eliminated in 9th place for Php 417,100

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Two time APT Main Event champion Lester Edoc will not be adding a third title to his accomplishments having just been dusted in 9th place by Ryan Jerico Platon in 9th place. Edoc was all in with A K and was way behind Platon’s A A. The board was 10 6 10 J 2. Edoc exited in 9th place for Php 417,100.

Shunpoker zooms to 1.06M

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

The lone Japanese player in the running, Shunpoker, just scored a big pot to zoom to 1.06M. Entering the final table as the shortest stacked, Shunpoker joined two other players in calling Moses Saquing’s 50k raise. At the flop 3 K J, Saquing bet 61k, Ryan Jerico Platon raised to 155k, Richard Marquez folded, and Shunpoker shoved around 367k. This was enough to get Saquing to fold while big stacked Platon made the call.

Platon K 10 top pair
Shunpoker K J two pair

The turn 5 sealed the win with Platon drawing dead. The river was 6. Platon down to 960k.

Final table chip counts

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

With the elimination of Quoc Vu Nguyen, they are down to the final table of 9 players. One more bust to close the day. Here are the chip counts:

Niroshan Loganathan = Canada – 1.8M
Ryan Jerico Platon – Philippines – 1.6M
Jae Chang – Korea – 1.6M
Renniel Galvez – Philippines – 1.4M
Kai Tse – Hong Kong – 795k
Richard Marquez – Philippines – 690k
Lester Edoc – Philippines – 480k
Moses Saquing – Philippines – 470k
Shunpoker – Japan – 385k

Quoc Vu Nguyen eliminated in 10th place for Php 347,600

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

After losing a chunk to Jae Chang, Quoc Vu Nguyen proceeded to drain out to finish in 10th place. He called a tower of yellow chips to see the flop against Ryan Jerico Platon, only to fold at the flop. The next hand it was battle of the blinds against chip leader Niroshan Loganathan where he saw another half stack of yellows leave his pile. On his final hand, he was all in with A 2, Chang had Q Q, the board came 8 8 5 3 Q for a crushing full house to Chang. Nguyen earned Php 347,600 for his deep run.

They are down to 9 players. Chang up to 1.6M+.

Jae Chang secures another double up

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Beginning with an open from Chang to 50k from under the gun, both Quoc Vu Nguyen and Ryan Platon defended their blinds and saw a flop of 7 8 6. Chang continued with a bet of 80k against the two and only Nguyen called behind. Chang remained strong when the turn Q showed up on board with a bet of 160k. Nguyen moved all-in and Chang quickly called to reveal the 2 on the river.

Chang 7 8
Nguyen 5 6

Chang took down the pot with his two-pair against Nguyen’s missed open-ender and is now sitting with 1.26m in chips.

Jae Chang doubles up through the leader Loganathan

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

First hand after the break, Jae Chang was all in with A 5 and was given a sweat by massive chip leader Niroshan Loganathan who had Q Q. When the cards landed 4 A 5 A 3, Chang was happy to survive and double up to 768k.

Chip counts at the break

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

10 players remaining
Average stack 925,000

Table 3
Quoc Vu Nguyen – 1.22M
Ryan Jerico Platon – 1.16M
Jae Chang – 340K
Lester Edoc – 540K
Niroshan Loganathan – 2.16M – chip leader

Table 4
Kai Tse – 810k
Richard Marquez – 630k
Shunpoker – 598k
Renniel Galvez – 1.34M
Moses Saquing – 340k

Two busts needed before they wrap up Day 3.

Kai Tse survives another all in, doubles through Shunpoker

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Kai Tse has boosted his stack again to rise to around a healthier 800k stack. He opened from cutoff for 75k, sb Shunpoker three-bet to 170k, Kai called. At the flop 3 7 3, Shunpoker shoved, Kai called for his remaining 215k stack.

Kai Q Q
Shunpoker J J

The turn 7 and 3 completed the board for a double up.