APT Philippines 2022 Championships Event

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After 15 hands, the players are now on break. You can catch the rest of the final 8 action via APT YouTube and APT Twitch.

Seat Player Country Chips
1 Ahmed Ibrahimi Morocco 1,140,000
2 Enrico De Rosa Italy 965,000
3 Lam Cheuk “Nam Jai” Hong Kong 520,000
4 David Erquiaga Philippines 1,415,000
5 Czar Ian Marcos Philippines 685,000
6 Moe Jiggy Philippines 2,210,000
7 Thomas Ward New Zealand 1,100,000
8 Thijs Hilberts Netherlands eliminated 8th


1st 3,008,400
2nd 2,065,600
3rd 1,435,900
4th 1,037,200
5th 775,600
6th 598,600
7th 475,400
8th 387,300

Two pots for the leader Moe jiggy

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Moe jiggy added more to his stack after taking it down two pots. The first one saw him raise from cutoff to 50k called by big blind Enrico De Rosa. On the flop 4 A 5, De Rosa checked, Moe jiggy c-bet 40k, called by De Rosa. On the turn 5 and river 2, both checked. De Rosa had A 8, Moe jiggy had A J better kicker.

Four hands later, utg Thomas Ward raised to 50k, Moe jiggy defended on the big blind. At the flop 4 5 J, Ward c-bet 47k, Moe jiggy check-called. On the turn 9 and river J, no bets. Moe jiggy showed 3 4 pair, Ward mucked.

Thijs Hilberts eliminated in 8th place – Php 387,300

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

On just the third hand of the final 8 came the first casualty. Action opened with utg player Thijs Hilberts raising to 50k, acting next was Ahmed Ibrahimi who three-bet to 145k, back to Hilberts with a four-bet all in, snap-called by Ibrahimi.

Hilberts J J
Ibrahimi A K

The board ran well for Ibrahimi Q K A 5 K to crush Hilberts pair. Hilberts exited in 8th place for Php 387,300.

Second hand of Final 8 goes to Thomas Ward

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

From utg, Thomas Ward opened for 50k and found four callers to the flop J 10 7. Everyone checked and the turn came A. Two checks, Ward bet 105k, called only by Thijs HIlberts. On the river 5, Ward bet again, this time 185k, Hilberts called. Ward had A 10 two pair, Hilberts mucked.

First hand goes to Lam Cheuk Nam Jai

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

The first hand saw chip leader Moe jiggy raise from utg to 50k, called by three players to see a flop K 3 10. Everyone checked to the cutoff Lam Cheuk who shoved, no callers to take it down.

Cards in the air for the Championships Final 8!

Level: 22 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

And they are off! The race to the Championships Event title and the Php 3,098,400 first prize begins! Good luck to all the players!