Mai Anh nosedives with aces cracked! Arvhin Malinab to 2.7m

Arvhin Malinab just shipped the largest pot so far in a huge hand against Mai Anh. From utg, Anh limped, bb Malinab raised to 45k, Anh three-bet to 100k, Malinab called. On the flop 6 4 Q, Malinab checked, Anh bet 100k, Malinab raised to 200k, Anh jammed, snap-call by Malinab.

Anh A A over pair
Malinab Q Q set

The turn 9 and river 7 completed the board. No improvement for Anh, she fell in 19th place. Malinab skyrocketed to 2.7m and is now the overwhelming chip leader.

We are down to the final two tables. 18 players remaining.