APT Philippines 2 2019 Main Event

Day 3 ends! Final 8 formed!

Day 3 is a wrap with the Final 8 formed!

Arvhin Malinab – Canada – 4,070,000 (chip leader)
Sim Jae Kyung – Korea – 1,155,000
Tou Ta Wei – Taiwan – 565,000
Tetsuya Enoki – Japan – 2,725,000
Kosuke Tajima – Japan – 2,225,000
Khoo Kah Hock – Malaysia – 540,000
John Paredes – Peru – 535,000
Hubert Spiess – France – 1,060,000

Players return at 130pm on Tuesday, September 17 for the race to the title. It will stream live on APT Twitch and APT YouTube.

Resuming blinds: 15K – 30K ante 30K (Level 26)
Time remaining: 28:36
Average stack: 1,609,375
Chips in play: 12,875,000

Final 8 payouts

1st PHP 5,185,500
2nd PHP 3,456,900
3rd PHP 2,403,200
4th PHP 1,735,800
5th PHP 1,298,100
6th PHP 1,001,900
7th PHP 795,600
8th PHP 648,200

Xiaosheng Zheng falls in 9th place – PHP 540,200

Level: 26 Blinds: 15K-30k Ante: 30K

Xiaosheng Zheng will not be joining the Final 8 day having fallen to Kosuke Tajima in 9th place. From utg+1 Zheng raised to 75k, Tajima three-bet to 200k, Zheng shoved, snap-called by Kosuke.

Zheng J J
Kosuke Q Q

The board ran 10 3 3 5 9 and everyone remaining celebrated making it to the Final 8 race. Zheng earned PHP 540,200.

Big pot for Tetsuya Enoki

Level: 26 Blinds: 15K-30k Ante: 30K

The rich get richer…. next to earn a pot was Tetsuya Enoki. Action opened with Sim Jae Kyung raisin to 65k, called by button Enoki and bb Khoo Kah Hock. At the flop 7 Q 4, Khoo checked, Sim bet 90k, called by both players. On the turn A no bets arrived and the river felted 8. Action checked to the Enoki, he moved all in, no callers. Enoki up to 2.75m.

Lester Edoc falls in 10th place – PHP 450,100

Level: 26 Blinds: 15K-30k Ante: 30K

First hand of the new level saw the fall of Lester Edoc. He three-bet shoved his 420k stack and initial raiser Arvhin Malinab called.

Edoc A Q
Malinab 7 7

The board ran K 7 6 9 4. Edoc earned PHP 450,100 for his finish. Malinab up to 3.9m.

Final 10 players

Level: 26 Blinds: 15K-30k Ante: 30K

10 remaining
1,287,500 average
12,875,000 chips in play

Arvhin Malinab 3.390m
Sim Jae Kyung 1.55m
Tou Ta Wei 955k
Xiaosheng Zheng 900k
Tetsuya Enoki 2.34m
Kosuke Tajima 1.030m
Lester Edoc 420k
Khoo Kah Hock 750k
John Paredes 685k
Hubert Spiess 750k

Dongjun Kim out in 11th place – PHP 375,100

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

After getting crippled down to less than two big blinds, Dongjun Kim was all with A 5 and fell to Lester Edoc with A 8 straight on a board of 5 9 7 9 6. Kim earned PHP 375,100 for his finish.

Three-way showdown sends Yin Zhang out in 12th place – PHP 375,100

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Big hands tabled with Sim Jae Kyung shipping a monster pot and rising to 1.6m. It began with Sim raising to 75k, Dongjun Kim shoved (659k), bb Yin Zhang shoved (300k+), Sim all in for (614k).

Sim K K
Kim Q Q
Zhang J J

The board ran clean, Sim scooped it up while sending Zhang out in 12th place and earned PHP 375,100. Kim dropped to 45k.

David Wang out in 13th place – PHP 312,600

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Tou Ta Wei raised to 55k, David Wang jammed, Wei tank-called. Wei A 8, Wang K J, the board 7 A 5 9 3. Wang out 13th for a prize of PHP 312,600.

Hubert Spiess up to 960k

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Hubert Spiess joined the big stacks and won the pot. Action kicked off with Tetsuya Enoki raised to 70k, called by button Xiaosheng Zheng and bb Spiess defended. On the flop 4 5 10, Spiess checked, Enoki c-bet 55k, Zheng called, Spiess shoved (522k), no callers. Spiess up to 960k.