APT Online Series India Aug 2021 Main Event

Kaushik “kaushik1989” Tibrewal out in 6th place – IN₹ 2.95L

Level: 49 Blinds: 50K-1L Ante: 12.5K

After scoring a double up, Pinguv went on to claim more chips by railing Kaushik “kaushik1989” Tibrewal in 6th place. Tibrewal was all in with 10 10, Pinguv called with A 9, the board was an overkill of aces A 5 A J A for a crushing quad aces. Tibrewal earned IN₹ 2.95L for his deep run.

Pinguv lands the double off “5pranay”

Level: 48 Blinds: 40K-80K Ante: 10K

All in on a turn board 4 8 5 6, Pinguv with A 6, “5pranay” K 4, the river J. Pinguv’s pair was good for a double up.

Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra outflipped in 7th place – IN₹ 2.17L

Level: 48 Blinds: 40K-80K Ante: 10K

After losing a big chunk to “ifeelitcoming” on an earlier hand with full house crushed by quads, Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra’s faced “ifeelitcoming” again and this time for his tournament life. Mehrotra was all in with 8 8, “ifeelitcoming” had A 10 overcards, the board ran 2 A J Q 7 for a higher pair to “ifeelitcoming”. Mehrotra earned IN₹ 2.17L for his 7th place finish.

Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma coolered in 8th place – IN₹ 1.75L

Level: 47 Blinds: 36K-72K Ante: 9K

Cooler sends Super High Roller champion Rajat “LungFakeer” Sharma out in 8th place with Q Q running into Subhayan “arjun100” Das K K. Sharma earned IN₹ 1.75L for his impressive run.

“ifeelitcoming” banks it with quads

Level: 47 Blinds: 36K-72K Ante: 9K

“ifeelitcoming” shipped a big double up against Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra. Mehrortra min-raised to 1.54L, bb “ifeelitcoming” defended. At the flop Q 9 4, Mehrotra c-bet 92K, “ifeelitcoming” check-called. On the turn 4, both players checked, and the river was 4. “ifeelitcoming” fired 4.5L, Mehrotra jammed, “ifeelitcoming” was covered and called. Mehrotra had A Q full house, “ifeelitcoming” shipped it with 7 4 quads. “ifeelitcoming” zoomed to the chip lead.

Final table

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7K

Kovid “fzzzyyy” Saraswat falls in 9th place – IN₹ 1.18L

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7k

All in preflop with Kovid “fzzzyyy” Saraswat A 9, bb Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrotra called with K 5, board ran 7 J 5 2 7 for two pair to Mehrotra. “fzzzyyy” was the bubble to the final table, exiting in 9th place for IN₹ 1.18L.

Samit “Superkid7777” Mehta swings up and out in 10th place – IN₹ 1.18L

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7K

Samit “Superkid7777” Mehta went shove spree that sent his stack swinging then out in 10th place. The first all in was A J spiking the ace to double up against “5pranay” with 7 7. The next showdown was a double up for Sanat “mehro2511” Mehrortra with A A holding against K J. On the third all in, Mehta shoved with 2 2 and big blind “5pranay” called with 6 6. The board ran dry finish off Mehta for a IN₹ 1.18L payday.

Ratul “luna” Steves falls in 11th place – IN₹ 1.18L

Level: 44 Blinds: 24K-48K Ante: 6K

Ratul “luna” Steves was down to just 2.5 bb and sent it all in with K 6 to battle with. “5pranay” called with Q 10. The board ran 7 10 Q 3 2 to send him packing in 11th place for IN₹ 1.18L.