APT Online Series India 2021 Main Event

Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan wins the MAIN EVENT for 34.06 lakhs (~US$ 46,680)

Level: 54 Blinds: 1.2L/2.4L Ante: 30K

It’s all over! The champion has emerged! On a flop 6 10 7, boatfish shoved 5,027,043, Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan check-called.

boatfish K 2
Mahajan 8 8

The turn was 9 and river A for a crushing straight to Mahajan and the title. Mahajan shipped the ₹ 34.06 lakhs (~US$ 46,680) first prize, the APT Trophy, and APT Championship Ring. For runner up boatfish a well earned payout of ₹ 24.82 lakhs (~US$ 34,000).

Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan pulling away

Level: 54 Blinds: 1.2L/2.4L Ante: 30K

Another good pot for Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan to further distance himself from boatfish. Action saw boatfish open for 480K, Mahajan three-bet to 1,440,000, boatfish called. On the flop 2 2 5, both checked. On the turn A, Mahajan checked, boatfish fired 2,205,000, Mahajan called. On the 5 river, same action with Mahajan check-calling 3.675,000.

boatfish J 9
Mahajan K K higher two pair

Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan takes the lead

Level: 54 Blinds: 1.2L/2.4L Ante: 30K

On the 11th heads up hand, Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan took to the lead. The hand opened with Mahajan raising to 480K, called by boatfish. On the flop 7 10 9, Mahajan c-bet 240K, boatfish check-called. On the turn 5 both checked for a free look at the river 8. boatfish checked, Mahajan bet 480K, boatfish called. Mahajan showed the 4 6 straight boatfish mucked.

Heads up!

Level: 54 Blinds: 1.2L/2.4L Ante: 30K

We are down to the last two players – Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan versus boatfish. boatfish ahead wit 1.58 crore to Mahajan’s 1.20 crore.

sidkid finishes in 3rd place – ₹ 19.54 lakhs (~US$ 26,780)

Level: 54 Blinds: 1.2L/2.4L Ante: 30K

Three handed ran for 23 minutes before the next called shove came down. Player “sidkid” raised to 480K, called by Rajat “happyfish” Mahahan. At the flop 3 8 9, sidkid c-bet 525K, Mahajan called. Same action on the turn 2 with Mahajan calling a 1,296,000 bet. On the 8 river, sidkid shoved 3,138,432, Mahajan quickly called.

sidkid 9 6 two pair
Mahajan A 8 trips

sidkid finished in 3rd place for ₹ 19.54 lakhs (~US$ 26,780).

Shashank “Westworld” Jain eliminated in 4th place – ₹ 15.68 lakhs (~US$ 35,200)

Level: 52 Blinds: 80K/1.6L Ante: 20K

After nearly forty minutes of four handed play, Shashank “Westworld” Jain was eliminated by boatfish. Jain’s 8 8 was counterfeited on a board J J 7 Q Q for boatfish’s A 9 ace kicker to play. Jain earned ₹ 15.68 lakhs (~US$ 35,200) for his impressive run.

Four handed action

Level: 52 Blinds: 80K/1.6L Ante: 20K

Four handed was a long one with chips moving around the table. Rajat “happyfish” Mahajan was chip leader with over 1.02 crore. First all in saw sidkid double up off Shashank “Westworld” Jain with 9 9 victorious over A J that missed. Jain made up the lost chips and more by scooping up pots against sidkid and Mahajan but then lost it again to sidkid on a dominated hand with 9 9 losing to K K. Mahajan then lost the chip lead to boatfish. Hand below.

Mahajan raised to 280K, boatfish and sidkid called. On the flop Q 6 3, Mahajan c-bet 300K, boatfish raised to 740K, sidkid folded, Mahajan called. On the turn 7 more betting. boatfish bet 12.3L, Mahajan called. The river A both slowed to a check. Mahajan showed Q 10 top pair, boatfish won it with K K. boatfish up to 1.11 crore, Mahajan at 98.21L.

Divanshu “1diot” Khurana departs in 5th place – ₹ 12.44 lakhs (~US$ 17,050)

Level: 51 Blinds: 70K/1.4L Ante: 17.5K

On a flop 2 7 A, Divanshu “1diot” Khurana, boatfish, and Shashank “Westworld” Jain checked. The turn came 7. Khurana shoved, boatfish called, and Jain folded.

Khurana 9 7 trips
boatfish 10 J flush

The river 3 didn’t improve Khurana to depart in 5th place for ₹ 12.44 lakhs (~US$ 17,050).

TheMathematician falls in 6th place – ₹ 9.66 lakhs (~US$ 13,240)

Level: 50 Blinds: 60K/1.2L Ante: 15K

TheMathematician was next to get it all in with J J to battle with, however, sidkid had K K. When the board ran 7 3 9 Q 7, it was the end for TheMathematician in 6th place for ₹ 9.66 lakhs (~US$ 13,240)