APT Online Series 2nd Edition Championships Event

Yen Han Chen “TurboPete” wins the Championships Event for $ 113,844.25

After seven and a half hours of play, Natural8 Team Hot Ambassador, Yen Han Chen “TurboPete”, clinched the APT Championships Event! TurboPete overcame 301 final day qualifiers and earned $ 113,844.25 for his victory. TurboPete will also receive the APT Championship Trophy and APT Championship Ring. Congratulations to the champ!

Read up on the victory run via our live updates. You can also watch the final table race via our APT partner channels. Stand by for the recap.

Kosei Ichinose Twitch TV
Hong Kong Poker Players Association (HKPPA) YouTube channel

SpicyChknSangy bows out in 2nd place – $ 139,015.79

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

SpicyChknSangy had a great run throughout, sitting in the upper tier of the counts for a majority of the final day. However, it was TurboPete who was able to close it out. The final hand SpicyChknSangy pushed all in on a flop 5 4 3 while holding 6 5 top pair. TurboPete called with A Q. With the turn Q, TurboPete overtook. The river J was no help for SpicyChknSangy to finish in 2nd place. Due to the deal, SpicyChknSangy still earned the higher pay of $ 139,015.79.

TurboPete cripples SpicyChknSangy

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Immediately after TurboPete railed Donsky10 in 3rd place, he shipped a double up off chip leader SpicyChknSangy. It was all in on a turn board Q J 7 8, SpicyChknSangy with A Q top pair, TurboPete with Q J. The river Q improved both. TurboPete had better with a full house to zoom to 61M. SpicyChknSangy plummeted to 6.3M.

Donsky10 exits in 3rd place – $ 107,449.10

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Action packed three handed round led to the fall of Donsky10 in 3rd place to TurboPete. It was all in preflop with TurboPete shoving first, Donsky10 tanked then risked it with J 10. TurboPete had K J. The board offered nothing 5 6 A 6 Q. TurboPete shipped it while Donsky10 exited with $ 107,449.10 more in the virtual wallet.

SpicyChknSangy regains the lead

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

After losing the lead to TurboPete, SpicyChknSangy won another set of hands to snatch it back. The first pot was a big one. Button TurboPete raised to 800k, SpicyChknSangy called from the big blind. On the flop K 3 9, both checked. On the turn 10, SpicyChknSangy checked then called a 643.5k bet. The river A, SpicyChknSangy led for 1.8M, TurboPete raised to 6.9M, SpicyChknSangy called. TurboPete showed A 3 two pair but was still behind SpicyChknSangy’s A 9 higher two pair. Following that win, SpicyChknSangy won 3.5M off Donsky10 and another 3M off TurboPete.

TurboPete triple barrels to take the lead

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

After a three-way deal, play continued. Several hands in, TurboPete scored a large one off the leader SpicyChknSangy to take the lead. The hand opened with button TurboPete bumping it up to 800k, SpicyChknSangy defended on the big blind. At the flop 10 Q 4, SpicyChknSangy check-called a 643.5k bet. On the 2 turn, TurboPete fired another 1.6M and SpicyChknSangy called. On the 3 river SpicyChknSangy led for 3M, TurboPete raised to 12.3M, SpicyChknSangy called. SpicyChknSangy with Q J top pair, TurboPete 6 5 straight.

Three-way deal!

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

AiDzZz falls to SpicyChknSangy in 4th place – $ 60,740.27

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Biting the bullet next was AiDzZz falling to chip leader SpicyChknSangy. AiDzZz had A 8, SpicyChknSangy with 4 4, the board was 10 4 2 7 Q. AiDzZz earned $ 60,740.27 for finishing in 4th place.

Chiansaw out in 5th place – $ 44,079.08

Level: 18 Blinds: 200K-400K Ante: 50K

Chainsaw met its end at the hands of Donsky10 with A 10 failing to improve agaisnt A K. Chainsaw earned $ 44,079.08 for 5th place.