APT Macau 2017

Choong Kian Weng wins the Main Event! – HKD 521,000-Choong Kian Weng拿下冠军,奖金521,000港币

Malaysia’s Choong Kian Weng entered the heads up round ready to take the bull by the horns, and he did! He won seven consecutive pots to shake up Vietnam’s Dang Van Hien and run away with the title, the trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and the HKD 521,000 first prize!

Congratulations to the newest APT Main Event champion, Choong Kian Weng!

We will have a recap for you so stand by for that. You can also read up on all the action at the Final 8 right here.

Dang Van Hien eliminated in 2nd place – HKD 304,800

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Vietnam’s Dang Van Hien was the big stack all day. He eliminated the first two players at the Final 8 and from there he kept a steady momentum, winning multiple big pots all day. One thing impressive about Dang, he hardly ever revealed his hole cards and yet was shipping in the big pots.

Dang entered the final heads up round with quite big lead against Choong Kian Weng however, Weng was too tough to overcome. Here’s the final hand:

Dang A 6

Weng A Q

The board ran Q 2 3 10 9. What a great run for the silent but deadly Vietnamese. He earned HKD 304,800 for his impressive run at the APT Main Event.

Choong Kian Weng ships in a big pot, takes the chip lead-Weng筹码增至四百二十五万

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

Choong Kian Weng has been dominating the heads up round and has just capitalized on a massive pot to take the lead. During the hand, he raised to 100k then called Dang’s three-bet to 215k.

At the flop 3 5 8 both players checked. On the 8 turn, Dang checked, Weng bet 300k, then Dang raised to 775k. Weng quickly called.

翻牌圈  3 5 8,双方过牌,转牌 8,Dang过牌,Weng下注三十万,Dang加注至775k, Weng跟进

On the river 7 both slowed to a check and Weng won with A 3 pair over Dang’s A J.

河牌 7,双方过牌,Weng底牌 A 3 达成对子胜出,Dang底牌 A J

Weng rose to 4.25M while Dang dropped to 1.65M.


Choong Kian Weng ruling the heads up round! Wins five in a row!-Weng扶摇直上

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

After Dang Van Hien won the first pot of the heads up round, Choong Kian Weng went on a hot streak and dominated the next several hands.

-Dang raised to 80k, Weng three-bet to 220k, Dang called. At the flop J 6 3, Weng bet 225k and Dang folded.

Dang加注至八万,Weng 3-bet至贰拾贰万,Dang跟进,翻牌圈 J 6 3,Weng下注225k,Dang弃牌;

-Weng raised to 100k, no call from Dang.


-Dang raised to 85k, Weng three-bet to 200k, Dang folded .

Dang加注至八万五,Weng 3-bet至二十万,Dang弃牌

-Weng limped, Dang checked, flop came 5 J 6. Dang checked, Weng bet 235k, Dang folded.

翻牌圈 5 J 6,Dang过牌,Weng下注235k,Dang弃牌

-Dang limped, Weng raised to 105, Dang called. On the flop of 8 K 2, both checked. On the K turn, Weng bet 120k, Dang folded.

Dang跟进,Weng加注至120k,Dang跟进,翻牌圈 8 K 2,双方过牌,转牌  K ,Weng下注十二万,Dang弃牌

That’s five hands in a row!


First pot goes to Dang Van Hien-Dang达成顺子胜出!

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

The first pot of the final heads up round has just been claimed by the leader Dang Van Hien with a straight on the river. Action kicked off with Choong Kian Weng continuing with his aggressive play. He raised to 100k and Dang called. On the flop of Q 10 4, both players checked. On the 9 turn, it was checked once more. But on the 6 river, Dang bet 80k and got the call. He turned over 8 7.

Heads up between Dang Van Hien and Choong Kian Weng-单挑局赛前筹码排行

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

We have reached the final heads up round of the APT Main Event!! The eventual winner will take home the HKD 521,000 first place purse and the APT Championship Ring. Here are the chip counts:

Dang Van Hien  3,080,000

Choong Kian Weng  2,820,000

Shravan Chhabria exits in 3rd place – HKD 211,000-Shravan拿下第三名,奖金221,000港币

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

India’s last hope, Shravan Chhabria, has just fallen in 3rd place at the Main Event. With his stack way down to only 470k, he moved it all in the middle and Choong Kian Weng tossed in the call.

此役Shravan于翻牌前all in, Choong Kian Weng跟进;

Weng A 9
Chhabria 5 6

The board spread A 8 4 2 8. Chhabria earned HKD 211,000 for his deep finish.

公共牌  A 8 4 2 8,Shravan拿下第三名,奖金211,000港币

Dang Van Hien muscles up Choong Kian Weng

Level: 24 Blinds: 20000-40000 Ante: 5000

The leader Dang Van Hien claimed a sizable pot against Choong Kian Weng to further distance himself from his opponents. On a flop of 10 3 A, Weng bet 65k and Dang called. Then on the A turn, Weng slid out 200k only to see Dang slide out double to 400k. Weng folded.

Choong Kian Weng vs Dang Van Hien-Weng达成顶对胜出

Level: 23 Blinds: 15000-30000 Ante: 5000

Choong Kian Weng earned a good pot against Dang Van Hien. It was a three-way limped pot and the dealer felted A 2 J. Acting first, Weng bet 60k and was called by Dang. On the 10 turn, Weng bet 150k and Dang called. On the 8 river, it was check-check and Weng won with A 4 top pair.