Adrian Esslen wins the Main Event! Le Hong Nghia runner-up

Adrian Esslen has done it! After two hours of Main Event heads up action Esslen defeated Le Hong Nghia to capture the APT Championship Trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and the VND 1,313,920,000 first place purse.

The final hand began with Le limping in, Esslen raising to 1.6M, Le all in, and Esslen with the call.

Le A 4
Esslen J J

When the flop landed, the window card showed A and immediately Le’s rail went wild but right underneath it was a J for a dominating set to Esslen. The next card wa a 2. The turn 7 and river A improved both of their hands further but Esslen had the better five-card spread. Le Hong Nghia earned VND 875,300,000 for his 2nd place finish.

Congratulations to our newest APT Main Event champion – Adrian Esslen! We will have a recap for you so stand by for that. For now, you can relive the action here in our Live Updates page.