APT Kick Off Vietnam 2020 Main Event

No callers for Siu Terry Yuk Lau

Level: 13 Blinds: 800-1600 Ante: 1600

Hefty pot already in the middle when the flop ran 7 4 2. Sb David Erquiaga bet 7500, mp Hwang Sang yeon called, button Siu Terry Yuk Lau moved all in for 39.1k. This sent Erquiaga tanking, then folded, followed by Hwang.

A love-ly triple up for Aso Seitaro

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 1200

Heavy preflop action at table 13 led to two players all in. It opened with Nguyen Quang Huy bumping it up to 3k, mp Ray Yik Chiu called, cutoff Seitaro Aso shoved (21.7k), initial raiser Nguyen called, then Chiu shoved for an additional 53.4k to Nguyen. Nguyen tank-folded.

Chiu A K
Seitaro 6 6

The spread came 8 4 Q 10 J for a winning flush to Seitaro to Chiu’s straight. Seitaro tripled up to 68k.

Meherzad Munsaf claims a couple

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 1200

Getting to table 7, we happened to catch Meherzad Munsaf win a couple of pots. The first on gained was a pot worth 17.6k. The next was heavier. It opened with utg Alexander Okruzhnoy raising to 2500, five players called to join at the flop 7 9 2. Okruzhnoy c-bet 7k and only Munsaf continued. On the 10 turn, Okruzhnoy fired 8.5k, check-called again by Munsaf. The river 5 saw no bets. Munsaf won it with J J. Okruzhnoy showed one card 9. Munsaf up to 170k.

Big stack update

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 1200

Rayhaan Adam

117 remaining
Chips in play: 9,113,700
Average stack: 77,894

Big stacks

Rayhaan Adam – 290k (chip leader)
Sumit Sapra 198k
Edgar Antezana 192k
Tuan Pro 190k
Im Sangguk 186k
Benjamin Song 170k
Meherzad Munsaf 170k
Kovantsev Viacheslov – 167k
Xiao Yu Cheng 165k
Siyang Phua 160k
Dhaval Mudgal 150k
Leong Mun Kit James – 150k
Nguyen Vuan Hung 140k
Nguyen Duc Bien 140k
Hoang Dai Thien 140k
Nguyen Huu Tuan 130k
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa 120k
Vu Dang 120k

Defending champion Zhou Yueyang doubles up

Level: 11 Blinds: 500-1000 Ante: 1000

Tour defending champion, Zhou Yueyang started the day as one of the shortest with just half the starting stack to play with. Now, Zhou sits with 90k after boosting it up then finding a double up through Jerome Bradpiece. It was all in preflop, Bradpiece with Q Q, Zhou K K, no hits on the board for either. Zhou shipped it while Bradpiece dropped to 15k. He busted two hands after.

Yo Hwan Lim’s aces cracked by Nguyen Duy Khanh

Level: 11 Blinds: 500-1000 Ante: 1000

Battle of the blinds, sb Nguyen Duy Khanh all in with K 10, bb Yo Hwan Lim looked down at A A for the easy call. However, the cards favored Nguyen as it ran 9 10 7 4 10 for trips and a double up. Lim busted shortly after and headed to registration for the High Rollers event.

Kovantsev Viacheslov with higher pockets

Level: 11 Blinds: 500-1000 Ante: 1000

Sim Qi Ren entered the day as chip leader but has been sliding since while series Deep Stack Turbo 1 winner Kovantsev Viacheslov has been slowly increasing. Viacheslov picked up a pot against Sim.

Preflop action raised the pot to 6500 and the cards ran 5 4 9. Hijack Viacheslov bet 2800, bb Sim check-raised to 12.5k, Viacheslov called. On the turn 8, Sim fired 30k and was called again. On the river 6 both opted to check it, Sim had J J but not enough to win it. Viacheslov opened Q Q to claim it. Viacheslov up to 163k, Sim down to 92k.

Sumit Sapra gets some for his flush

Level: 11 Blinds: 500-1000 Ante: 1000

Three way raised pot saw a flop 9 3 K. Action was checked to utg Sumit Sapra, he slid out 10.2k and got one caller in bb Tetsuya Tsuchilkawa. No bet came on the turn A. The river 8 had Sapra send out 10k, Tsuchikawa check-called. Sapra showed J 8 flush and scooped up. Sapra at 180k, Tsuchikawa dropped to 80k.

Three-way showdown cracks Mudgal’s aces; Takarabe ships it

Level: 11 Blinds: 500-1000 Ante: 1000

Three-way shove led to big stacked Dhaval Mudgal paying a little to short stacked Kenichi Takarabe but still recovered some from the side pot.

Kenichi Takarabe J J
Steffen Endres Q Q
Dhaval Mudgal A A

The board spread J 9 8 K K. Takarabe avoided elimination and tripled up to 75k. Endres busted. Mudgal at 185k.