APT Kick Off Vietnam 2020 Main Event

Siyang Phua holds biggest stack at table 6

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Every time we stop by table 6, Siyang Phua’s stack continues to fatten up. We finally caught of his winning pots. With 25k in the middle and a board 8 5 4 Q, hijack Nguyen Thanh bet 15k, Phua answered with a push, Thanh folded. Phua up to 240k.

Justin Skovholt wins the flip against Mifsud

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Justin Skovholt doubled up through Brandon Mifusd with K Q landing the nut flush to best A-K trips. The board was 9 A J 5 A. Skovholt climbed to 130k.

Duy Ho pays twice; Qian Xubo and Nam Nguyen ship it

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Bad run for Duy Ho on two hands. We caught the action as he was paying a double up to Qian Xubo. The next hand, he paid Nam Nguyen a double up. Duy had J J on utg but Nguyen had A A on the big blind that held. Duy plunged to 30k. Nam up to 60k, and Xubo at around 140k.

Ray Chiu doubles up through Mudgal

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Utg Dhaval Mudgal raised to 5300, called by Frederic Bolliet, then Ray Yik Chiu shoved (31.7k). Mudgal tank-called, Bolliet folded. Chiu had A Q to Mudgal’s K 10. The board ran low with no hits for the players. Chiu doubled up to around 75k.

Choi Eng Loong falls to Vu Dang

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Vu Dang

Choi Eng Loong fell out of the running at the hands of Vu Dang. It was all in preflop; Choi A 8, bb Dang had Q Q, the board bricked. Dang shipped it and is up to 205k.

Jet Zhang Liang with the strong four-bet

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

Utg Xiao Yu Cheng opened 5600, beside him Zhang Lei three-bet to 14.6k, next to Lei was Jet Zhang Liang with a four-bet to 34.6k, action folded around to the aggressors, Cheng folded and Lei tank-folded. Liang said he had pocket kings.

Big stack update

Level: 15 Blinds: 1200-2400 Ante: 2400

81 remaining
Chips in play: 9,113,700
Average stack: 112,514

Big stacks

Tuan Pro 330k
Zhang Lei 310k
Edgar Antezana 300k
Siyang Phua 260k
Sumit Sapra 225k
Jet Zhang Liang 220k
Yuwen Pan 200k
David Erquiaga 200k
Nguyen Huu Tuan 200k
Le Ngoc Khanh 200k
Rayhaan Adam 200k
Wanchana Valaikanok 182k
James Leong 180k
Vu Dang 170k
Dhaval Mudgal 170k
Benjamin Song 170k
Kovanstev Viacheslov 160k

Yosuke Iwata wins the flip against Revai

Level: 14 Blinds: 1000-2000 Ante: 2000

All in preflop, at-risk player was Yosuke Iwata with A K, Ryan Revai with Q Q, the flip went to Iwata on a board running 10 J J K 4. Iwata climbed to 100k.

Alexander Okruzhnoy jams for the pot

Level: 14 Blinds: 1000-2000 Ante: 2000

Another intense hand took place at table 7. From utg+1, Nguyen Huu Coo Tri raised to 4500, called by Rayhaan Adam and Meherzad Munsaf. Cutoff Dhaval Mudgal three-bet to 25k, button Alexander Okruzhnoy four-bet shoved (89.5k), everyone folded while Mudgal tanked. He then folded. Both Mudgal and Okruzhnoy have 160k.