APT Kick Off Vietnam 2020 Main Event

Final 8 players

8 players remaining
Chips in play 9,114,000
Average stack 1,012,667
Resuming blinds: 12k – 24k ante 24k (51:53 remaining)

Seat 1: Rayhaan Adam – South Africa – 2,697,000
Seat 2: Ho Yin Shek – Hong Kong SAR – 992,000
Seat 3: Tuan – Vietnam – 834,000
Seat 4: Yuwen Pan – China – 1,163,000
Seat 5: Brandon Mifsud – Malta – 567,000
Seat 6: Francis Garson – France – 1,136,000
Seat 7: Sumit Sapra – India – 722,000
Seat 8: Hwang Sang Yeon – Korea – 1,004,000

The final 8 race starts at 130pm on Friday, January 17. It will stream live via our media channels APT Twitch and APT YouTube.

Day 3 ends with the Final 8 formed

With the final 8 players formed, Day 3 is a wrap! We will have the official chip count for you in just a bit. Congratulations to all the finalists!

Terry Siow Kim Foh – 9th place – VND 180,360,000

Level: 25 Blinds: 12K-24K Ante: 24K

Terry Siow Kim won’t be joining to the final day having fallen in 9th place. Delivering the blow was Francis Garson. The hand opened with utg+1 Prince Shek raising to 50k, mp player Garson called, bb Siow shoved, Shek folded, Garson called.

Siow J 9
Garson 9 9

The board ran 5 3 2 6 7. Garson shipped it. Siow earned VND 180,360,000 (~US$ 7,800) for his deep run.

Chip counts at the break

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

9 players remaining
Chips in play: 9,113,700
Average stack: 1,012,633

Seat 1 – Terry Siow Kim Foh – 408k
Seat 2 – Rayhaan Adam – 2.755M
Seat 3 – Prince Shek – 1.040M
Seat 4 – Tuan – 888k
Seat 5 – Yuwen Pan – 1.163M
Seat 6 – Brandon Mifsud – 622k
Seat 7 – Francis Garson – 499k
Seat 8 – Sumit Sapra – 782k
Seat 9 – Hwang Sang Yeon – 950k

Sumit Sapra jams for the pot

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

From mid-position, Sumit Sapra raised to 45k, called by cutoff Rayhaan Adam and button Prince Shek. On the flop 2 J 5, Sapra c-bet 165k, Adam called, Shek folded. On the A turn, Sapra shoved his 242k stack, Adam folded.

Bottom pair good for Adam

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

The chip leader continues to drag it in. Entering nearly every pot, he won one with bottom pair. The hand opened with utg Yuwen Pan raising to 45k, called by button Adam and bb Tuan. On the flop J 10 3. Pan c-bet 50k, only Adam continued. On the turn J and river 5, no bets by the players. Pan showed A K but it wasn’t good enough. Adam had 7 3 pair. Pan dropped to 1.23M, Adam up to 2.9M.

Rayhaan Adam hits Sapra and Garson

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

After paying out a few players, it was time to get it back. Rayhaan Adam raised 60k from mid position and big blind Sumit Sapra called. No bets on the flop 4 Q A. That changed on the 10 turn with Adam firing 100k. Sapra check-called. On the river 7, it was back to checking. Adam won it with A 2 top pair.

Next pile was against Francis Garson. From utg Adam raised to 60k, from cutoff Garson three-bet to 170k, Adam called. On the flop 5 10 7, Adam c-bet 130k, Adam check-raised to 400k, Garson called. On the turn 2, Adam announced all in, Garson folded. Adam showed his 7 7 set. Adam up to 2.83M, Garson down to 530k.

Tuan’s turn to earn off Adam

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

From hijack, Rayhaan Adam raised to 60k, button Tuan shoved (367k), Adam announced he’d gamble and called. Tuan J J, Adam A 4, the board stayed clean for a double up to Tuan to 800k. Adam dropped to 1.65M.

Terry Siow dominates Garson to double up

Level: 24 Blinds: 10K-20K Ante: 20K

Terry Siow Kim Foh is the shortest at the table and managed to bring it up a bit on a double up. The hand opened with Francis Garson raising to 50k from utg+1. Button Siow shoved (204k). Garson called.

Garson J J
Siow Q Q

No bad beat arrived and the dominating queens won the pot. Siown now at 458k, Garson dropped to 1.175M.