APT India Online Series 2022 Main Event

Failed bluff sends Amar Mehta down and Rubin Labroo way up

Level: 47 Blinds: 36K-72K Ante: 9000

The biggest stacks at the table Amar “kidpoker0109” and Rubin “kornkid” Labroo were bound to tangle and when they did, it was a monster double up for Labroo. On a completed board 8 10 6 6 8, Labroo checked, Mehta jammed which was exactly what Labroo hoped as he turned over 6 10 full house. Mehta opened Q J for a bluff. Labroo zoomed to 106 bb, Mehta plunged to 5.8 bb.

Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna goes up and out – 8th – IN₹ 2.33L

Level: 46 Blinds: 32K/64K Ante: 8000

The final table got rolling with heavy action by the big stacks. In the heat, Ritwik “Ritwikkhanna” Khanna was the first to get it all in with K K up against Amar “kidpoker0109” Mehta’s A 5. The board ran 4 6 4 5 2 for a double up to Khanna.

The fast rise however was met with a fast fall. On a raised pot preflop, the cards ran 2 5 8, bb Khanna shoved with 8 6 top pair, Mehta snap-called with A A overpair, the turn A improved Mehta to trips, and with the river 6, it was all over for Khanna in 8th place. Khanna earned a cool IN₹ 2.33L. 

Final table – 8 players

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7000

After 8 hours of play, the final table was formed. One of these players will walk away as the newest APT Main Event champion and collect the IN₹ 3.54L first prize. Also on the awards plate are the APT Main Event Trophy and APT Championship Ring!

Shubham “ShUbh1995” Nirban bubbles to final table – 9th – IN₹ 1.75L

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7000

Another dominated hand sent a player tumbling out. This time it was Shubham “ShUbh1995” Nirban busting with  A J  that couldn’t get past “p0kerguru” A Q. The board ran 10 8 4 10 9. Nirban missed the final table by one spot. He earned a cool IN₹ 1.75L for 9th place. 

Gautam “Actaeon6079” Bharadwaj eliminated in 10th place – IN₹ 1.3L

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7000

Gautam “Actaeon6079” Bharadwaj was all in with A Q, Amar “kidpoker0109” had better A K. The board ran 8 9 4 10 7 to eliminate Bharadwaj in 10th place for IN₹ 1.3L.

Neel “worm33” Joshi falls in 11th place – IN₹ 1.3L

Level: 45 Blinds: 28K-56K Ante: 7000

Neel “worm33” Joshi was the next casualty with his remaining chips sent over to Yogiraj “Yogiraj” Singh. Joshi’s last stand was A 10 that missed against Singh’s 7 7. For his deep run, Joshi earned IN₹ 1.3L.

Mithun “thepokeraja” Mahesh eliminated in 12th place – IN₹ 1.3L

Level: 44 Blinds: 24K-48K Ante: 6000

Chip leader Rubin “kornkid” Labroo collected another stack of chips after railing Mithun “thepokeraja” Mahesh in 12th place. Mahesh was all in with 7 7, Labroo had A 10 overcards, the coin toss was in Labroo’s favor as the board ran 5 J A 10 J. Mahesh earned IN₹ 1.3L for his deep finish.

“rohitmalik777” shorts out in 13th place – IN₹ 1.05L

Level: 44 Blinds: 24K-48K Ante: 6000

Short stacked “rohitmalik777” was down to 2 bb and sent it in the middle with K 7. In his way was Mitun “thepokeraja” Mahesh with A 5. The flop 6 4 5 paired Mahesh but gave “rohitmalik777” an open ended. The turn J and river Q were no help to “rohitmalik777” to exit in 13th place for IN₹ 1.05L.

Mitesh “mikeknp” Gupta rails “Radha1110”

Level: 43 Blinds: 20K-40K Ante: 5000

End of the road for anonymous player “Radha1110” who three-bet shoved from small blind with A 8. Mitesh “mikeknp” Gupta called with 8 8. The board spread 10 6 9 5 Q to eliminate Radha1110 in 14th place for IN₹ 1.05L.