APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

A sweet hefty pot for Chehadeh

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0

UTG player, George Chehadeh began the preflop action by raising to 175. He was called by a player in mid-position but was reraised to 725 by a player in late position. Chehadeh called while the mid player folded, and heads up action ensued with a flop landing 7 Q 5. Chehadeh checked to the lp player who made a follow up bet of 1050. Chehadeh called. At the turn of J Chehadeh checked again while the lp player bet as before, this time for 2450 which Chehadeh called. On the river of 10, Chehadeh checked again and  like previous, the lp player sent out chips, 7,000 big ones only to hear Chehadeh announce he was all in. Chehadeh took down the pot after his opponent decided it was best to fold.

Nate Taylor bets all the way and takes the pot

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0

On a raised pot preflop and a board showing 4 6 3, small blind player checked to Nate Taylor who slid out 625 worth of chips. The sb player called. At the turn of 9 the sb player once again check-called Taylor’s 1200 bet. On the river of 9, sb did his usual checking but when Taylor bet out 2650, sb player decided to keep his chips and folded.

Kim gets back at Araniel

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0

Shortly after his win, Noel Araniel was once again engaged in a hand against Dong Kim. During the hand Kim raised to 125, a player on the hijack seat called, but when it got to Araniel, he reraised it to make it 525 to go. Three players made call, giving Araniel some decent action. At the flop of 2 4 4, action was checked to Araniel who banged out 1500. Everyone folded except for Kim who smooth called. At the turn of 6, both players checked. Then on the river of 10, Kim took the reins and bet 5500 sending Araniel to the tank. Araniel eventually folded and Kim was awarded the pot.

Noel Araniel wins a nice pot early in the day

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0

At one of the tables, action began with a mid-position player raising it up to 175 to which four players called. The flop landed 6 3 10, and everyone checked to the button player who sent out 500. Two players made the call, Dong Kim and Noel Araniel. At the turn of 2, Kim and Araniel checked again to the button player who then bet 1000 which once again was called by both Kim and Araniel. On the river of 9, Kim changed gears and led out for 3700 but Araniel also changed gears and raised it up to 10,200. Button player folded and after a bit of contemplation, Kim followed suit as Araniel took down a nice pot early in the day.

Good start for Main Event Day 1A

Level: 1 Blinds: 25/50 Ante: 0

Action has begun for the Main Event Day 1A. With well over 100 players getting an early start, big hitters and lots of chip shuffling can be seen and heard all around the poker room. Good luck to all!

Cards are in the air!

Day 1A of the APT Asian Series Manila Main Event is now in full swing at the Resorts World Manila.

Good luck players!