APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Gerard Bringley’s lucky river boots Lee Tse Ian

Level: 13 Blinds: 800-1600 Ante: 200

Catching the action at the flop of 10 2 6 and a pot of 8K already in place, Let Tse Ian pushed with his 14K remaining chips and was called by Gerard Bringley. Ian had 5 6 for mid pair against Bringley’s A 10 top pair, but at the turn of 5, Ian was pumped up for having landed two pairs. However, that was short-lived as the river landed 2, giving Bringley the higher two pairs. Ian busted out.

Czardy Rivera folds to Noriko Suzuki

Level: 13 Blinds: 800-1600 Ante: 200

Noriko Suzuki began the action with a 5K raise on the button only to get re-raised to 12K by the big blind defender Czardy Rivera. Throwing it back at him, Suzuki shoved with a total of 36K sending Rivera tanking. Rivera eventually folded and showed his A Q which Suzuki responded with a show of her own, A A.

Dong Woo Lee eliminates Yuri Ishida

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

Dong Woo Lee ended Yuri Ishida’s day at the Main Event when she went all in with her short stack of 12K and was called by Lee. Lee 9 9 and Ishida had A K. With the board running 10 Q 4 2 5, Ishida was eliminated.

Casey Kastle railed by John Jay Magadan

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

Coming into the day with a very short stack, Casey Kastle eventually moved all in with his remiaing 9300 chips and was snap-called by John Jay Magadan. Kastle had A 9 and Magadan had K K. The board was no help to Kastle and he bowed out of the Main Event.

Rachel Munro eliminates Euryd Rivera

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

Not long after Jay Lubas chunked him down to around 20K, Euryd Rivera went all in and Rachel Munro made the call. Munro had J J versus Rivera’s 10 10. The board ran 8 9 4 7 at which point Rivera had some decent number of outs, but with the river of 2, Rivera was eliminated.

Jay Lubas takes a chunk off Euryd Rivera

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

With a raised pot before them and a flop of 8 7 Q in the middle, Euryd Rivera bet 2200 giving Jay Lubas something to think about. Lubas then responded with a raise to 5000 which Rivera smooth-called. At the turn of 4, Rivera checked to Lubas who did not stop his heavy hitting and banged out 16K which Rivera again smooth-called. Then on the river of 10, Rivera dumped in 16K, but Lubas was still on a momentum and shoved all in for another 70K plus chips. Rivera tanked for a long time and eventually folded his hand. Lubas’s chips continue to rise.

Bernie Angeles goes up and out

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

Bernie Angeles came into Day 2 with around 25K chips which he immediately doubled up with Pocket Aces, but shortly after, his day came to a quick end when he was all in against Dennis Huntly on a flop of Q 5 2. Huntly had A A and Angeles had A Q. The turn of 10 and river of 8 were no help to Angeles and he was out.

Jeffery Tims busts out Jerry Lai

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

After losing more than half of his stack to Ben Loo, Jerry Lai shoved with his remaining chips and was called by Jeffery Tims. Lai had K J, Tims had A 10, and with the board running blanks, Lai’s busted out.

Short stacks doubling up! Edoc, Rivera, Ouano, Loo…

Level: 12 Blinds: 600-1200 Ante: 200

It’s either make or break for the short stacks and though we saw a couple of bust outs already happen, some were able to avoid elimination.

Ernesto Ouano doubled up with his Pocket Fives landing a set on the river, he is now at 23K.

Lester Edoc was all in for his 30K chips and was awarded a double up by Dhanesh Chainani. Edoc had Q 9 for trips against Dainani’s A J top pair. He now sits with around 65K chips. Chainani also doubled up Czardy Rivera with Rivera’s A J winning against Chainani’s Q 10 on a board of A 6 K 5 K.

Ben Loo was all in against Jerry Lai. Loo had 9 9 against Lai’s A K. The board ran Q 6 A 3 9 giving Loo a double up to over 50K chips.