APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Villavicencio shaves some off Araniel

Level: 4 Blinds: 1 Ante: 0

On a raised pot and a flop of K 5 3, Araniel led out for 1200 but got raised to 3700 by Randie Villavicencio. Araniel flat-called and watched a 6 land on the turn. Araniel checked his option, Villavicencio bet 4000, then Araniel called again. With the river of 3, both players opted to check and Villavicencio won the pot with his A K against Araniel’s 8 9 missed flush.

Everyone folds to Marcos

Level: 4 Blinds: 100 Ante: 0

Action began with utg limping in, followed by Bryan Huang, then Richard Ko raised it up to 550. As action moved around the table, Ian Marcos, utg, and Huang all called. At the flop of 10 K 8, utg and Huang both checked to Ko who laid out 1500 but Marcos slid out more chips for a raise 4000. Marcos won the pot as everyone folded.

Runas scoops up a big pot

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

Shortly after folding his top pair, Tofie Runas scooped up a big pile of chips after busting out a player. During the hand, Runas raised to 600 from the button and was limp-called by the cutoff player. At the flop of Q 10 4, the cutoff led out for 2000, but then had some thinking to do when Runas raised it up to 5000. The cutoff eventually called and both players saw a turn land 5. Waiving his option to bet, the cutoff faced another big bet from Runas who sent in 6000, which put the cutoff player all in. After tanking, the cutoff called for his tournament life and was way behind with his Q 3 against Runas’s A A. With the river of K, Runas scooped up a big pot while sending his opponent to the rail.

Runas can’t call with top pair

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

From mid position, Tofie Runas limped in, the cutoff player raised to 400, the button player and the small blind called, then Runas reraised it to 1600. Acting next, the initial raiser, the cutoff, quickly folded while the other two still in the hand made the call. At the flop of 2 K 9, Runals bet 3200, got called by the button player while the sb folded. At the turn of A, both players opted to check. Then on the river of 3, Runas checked, the button bet 5675, and Runas folded after showing his A top pair.

Simon Lim eliminates a player

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

On a raised pot preflop, three players went to see a flop land K A 3. First to act was the big blind player who checked to the utg who bet small, 600, that was called by Simon Lim from the hijack seat. When action went back to the bb, he raised it up to 2150 getting utg to fold but not Lim who called. At the turn of 9, bb banged out 5000 and without much delay, Lim once again called. Then on the river of 4, bb continued his aggressive betting and went all in with around 7000 in chips. Lim called again and won the pot with his A 8 against his opponent’s J 3 missed flush.

John King vs Euryd Rivera

Level: 3 Blinds: 75/150 Ante: 0

Action between John King and Euryd Rivera began with Rivera raising to 450 and found himself two callers, a mid player and King. At the flop of 9 10 2, Rivera acted first and led out for 750 which King called while the mid player folded. At the turn of 2, both players checked to see a free river card of 9. Rivera took his time and slowly slid out 2100. King called the bet and showed his K 9 for a nice winning full house.

Aggressive betting by Kwon Eun Ho

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0

Kwon Eun Ho and a player from the big blind faced a board of A Q 7 4 to which the bb bet 2000. Ho tanked a bit then raised to 6500 which the bb reluctantly called. Then on the river of K, the bb checked to Ho who shoved inducing a fold in his opponent.

Francis Villamar wins with higher pockets

Level: 2 Blinds: 50/100 Ante: 0

With a raised pot in the middle, Francis Villamar and a player in mid position looked down at a flop of 8 5 2. The mp player checked his option while Villamar bet 1100. In a snap, the mid player announced he was all in and Villamar followed right after with a call. Villamar showed J J well ahead of mp’s 10 10. With the turn of K and river of Q, Villamar scooped the pot and eliminated a player in the process.