APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Yu Kurita shaves a big chunk off Jay Tolon

Level: 7 Blinds: 200-400 Ante: 50

Yu Kurita and Jay Tolon battled for a raised pot preflop with a board showing 10 Q 4. Acting first, Tolon rolled out 1000 but was raised by Kurita to make it 3500. Tolon called. At the turn of 8, Tolon checked, Kurita doubled his earlier bet and made it 7000 to go. Tolon reacted with a shove of almost 33K chips, and in a snap, Kurita obliged.

Tolon: 10 8

Kurita : Q 4

The river of 6 was no help to Tolon and he tumbled down to 12K while Kurita boomed to almost 80K.

Nori Susuki wins a decent pot

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

With action folding all around the felt to sb player Noriko Susuki she limp-called a raise by the bb player of 1100. At the flop of Q 7 9, Susuki bet 1500 and was called by the bb. At the turn of Q, Susuki bet again, this time for 2100, and with that, she won the pot as the bb folded.

Joven Huerto gets his double up

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

Joven Huerto is another short-stacked player in the field hoping to turn his luck around. He found a bit of spark when he went all in with 8 6 on a board showing 2 8 7. He was called by the button player who held A 6 for a nut flush draw. Luckily for Huerto, the turn of 8 improved him to trips, and with the river of A, he is back to almost starting stack.

Gavin Smith rails Czardy Rivera

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

Short-stacked Czardy Rivera busted out under the hands of Gavin Smith while holding J 9 on a board of 6 A 5 4 8. Smith had A 2.

Preflop raise wars give Dennis Huntly the pot

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

Dennis Huntly from Australia was denied a big pot with his A A when the action ended before getting to the flop. It started off with utg player Luke Pangan limping in, was raised to 1200 by the hijack player, re-raised to 2500 by the cutoff, then 4-bet to 4500 by Dennis Huntly on the button. Action moved back to Pangan who tanked then folded not before showing our reporter his K K. The HJ and CO also folded. The CO claimed he had Pocket Queens.

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

George Chehadeh quadruples up

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

George Chehadeh only had a little over 1000 chips left that was of no scare to any of his opponent’s at the felt. Hoping to double up, Chehadeh tosssed his remaining chips in the middle and found himself facing three callers. When the board was laid, everyone checked all the way,¬†and Chehadeh quadrupled up with his A J landing top pair on a board of 7 2 10 J 3. He is now up to around 5000 chips.

Gavin Smith vs Czardy Rivera

Level: 6 Blinds: 150-300 Ante: 25

Catching the action against Gavin Smith and Czardy Rivera, they faced a board of 4 2 8. Smith took the early stab by betting 1250 which Rivera called. At the turn of J, Smith continued to pressure Rivera with a 2600 bet, and again, Rivera called. Then on the river of 4, both players checked. Smith showed his A K high card, and Rivera mucked.

Benjie Lim claims a small pot

Level: 5 Blinds: 100-200 Ante: 25

Short-stacked Benjie Lim is in need of a double up but it was not to be in a hand we caught a few minutes ago. From late postion, Lim raises it up to 875 and was called by both the sb player and the utg limper. At the flop of 2 6 6, everyone checked. Then at the turn of 6, action checked to Lim who announced all in for his remaining 3750. No one was willing to him and he took down a small pot to add to his chips.