APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Yul Maravilla sends Jose Drilon packing

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

With 50K left, Jose Drilon shoved and was called by Yul Maravilla.

Drilon: A J

Maravilla: 10 10

With the board running Q 5 10, Maravilla improved to a set, then with the turn of 6 and river of J, Drilon was eliminated from the Main Event.


Lester Edoc uses position for the pot

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

Shyh Chyn Lim laid out a 2.5x raise to 6500 from the hijack seat and was re-raised to 17K by Lester Edoc from the button. At the flop of J A 4, both players checked to see a free turn of 5. Lim checked again, but this time, Edoc didn’t and bet 20K. Lim called. Then on the river of 7, both opted to check with Edoc winning the hand.

Lim: 9 8

Edoc: K 2

Tan Tai Zheng defends his big blind against Polishetty

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

From the utg seat, Srinivas Polishetty raised it up to 11K and to his right, big blind Tan Tai Zheng, was the only player who called. At the flop of K 9 10, no action from either as they both checked. At the turn of 9, no action again, then on the river of 10, Zheng bet 20K and Polishetty folded. Polishetty showed his A Q but Zheng did not return the gesture and sent his cards to the muck pile as he was shipped the pot.

Runas doubles up

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

With the blinds climbing, Cristopher Runas needed a double up somewhere to get back in the game. In a recent hand Runas shoved with his remaining 24K chips and was called by a player in the hijack seat.

Runas: A K


With the board running blanks, 7 9 3 9 9, Runas doubled up and now has round 53K chips.

Tan Gay Peng muscling up Michael Lindstrom

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

Michael Lindstrom and Tan Gay Peng engaged in a bit of a preflop raise war with Lindstrom starting the bidding at 7500 which Peng three-bet to 17K. Lindstrom called and both went see the flop land 3 K Q. Following up his earlier bet, Peng banged out 18K, and with that, Lindstrom folded. Peng showed J 9.

Srinivas Polishetty doubled up big by Hasse

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

Srinivas Polishetty tangled in a massive pot against big-stacked Julian Hasse with action beginning with Polishetty raising to 7K from the hijack seat. Hasse called from the big blind.

Flop: 9 8 Q

Hasse checked the flop then called Polishetty’s 13K bet.

At the turn of 8, both players checked to each other. Then on the river of A, Hasse bet 70K putting Polishetty all in for his remaining 50K. Polishetty said okay and at the showdown:

Hasse: 10 10

Polishetty: A 8

Polishetty won the hand with a full house and doubled up to over 140K chips. Hasse still at around 120K.

Yoichi Fujiya’s Ladies bad beat Lim Dae Hoon’s Kings

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

With around 12x the big blind left in his arsenal, Yoichi Fujiya went all in and was snap-called by Lim Dae Hoon.

Fujiya: Q Q

Hoon: K K

With the flop landing 9 4 Q, Fujiya landed a set, and with the turn of 7 and river of 9 finishing up the board, Fujiya badbeat Hoon and doubled up to around 76K chips.

Chainani rails Noriko Suzuki

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

Noriko Suzuki goes all in preflop with a total of 26,500 chips and button player Dhanesh Chainani made the quick call.

Suzuki: A 8

Chainani: Q Q

With the board running blanks for Suzuki 9 4 K 2 3, he was eliminated, and Chainani scooped up all his chips.

Tan Tai Zheng takes some from Dennis Huntly

Level: 16 Blinds: 1500-3000 Ante: 500

From mid position, Tan Tai Zheng min-raised to make it 6k to play and Dennis Huntly on the big blind called.

Flop: 8 Q 6

Huntly led out for 13K and was flat-called by Zheng.

Turn: 7

Both players checked.

River: 8

Huntly slid out 16K chips and Zheng again flat-called

Zheng won the hand with K K against Huntly’s A 6.