APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Victor Chong takes all of Nguyen’s chips

Level: 9 Blinds: 300 Ante: 75

We caught the action at the turn board of 2 10 10 A, Truong Nguyen was all in for 27K and Victor Chong called. Nguyen showed 8 6 and Chan K 10. When the river landed 5, Nguyen missed his flush and was eliminated from the field.

Johnny Tan given a bit of a scare

Level: 9 Blinds: 300/600 Ante: 75

Preflop raising war: Action began with the hijack player min raising to 1200 which was called by the small blind but re-raised to 4000 by the big blind player Johnny Tan. Not backing down, the hj player made it 9400 to go causing the sb to bow out, but Tan responded with an all in push which the hj snap-called.

Tan: K K

With the board landing 3 K 9, Tan improved to a set however the hj player now had a flush draw. When the turn landed 7 and river 7, Tan further improved to a full house. He sighed in relief and scooped up a huge pile of chips.

Jerry Lai eliminates a short-stacked player

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

Jerry Lai and a player needing a double up badly were all in preflop with Lai holding 7 7 and his opponent A J. The board ran K 7 K 8 10, and with that, another player was gone from the field.

Lester Edoc out

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

Lester Edoc took a risk with his short stack and was unable to come up with a double up. During the hand Edoc called a 1500 raise by the mp player, but when action landed on the button, he three-bet it to 3500. The mp player then shoved and was followed by Edoc who only had 3000 left in his arsenal. The button player got out of the way and it was a showdown:

Edoc: 8? 5

Board 3 K 3 8 5

Antonio check-raises Nguyen out of the pot

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

With 10 9 4 on the board, Ronnie Antonio checked to Truong Nguyen who added 5500 into the already raised pot in the middle. Answering back, Antonio check-raised to 15,500 causing Nguyen to fold.

Lindstrom accumulates more chips

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

Having taken several players down earlier, Michael Lindstrom called another player’s all in shove. Lindstrom had A K against his opponent’s 3 3. With the board running K K 7 5 2, Lindstrom claimed another nice pot.

Kwan Yeop takes some from Imperial

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

Cutoff player Kwan Yeop limp-called a raise by big blind player Eman Imperial and both went to see a flop of K 8 4. Imperial then bet 3200 and Yeop smooth-called. On the turn of Q, both players checked. Then on the river of 9, Imperial checked again, Yeop bet 6100, and after tanking for a bit, Imperial folded.

Jeff Tims bluffs out Villamar

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

With a board showing 7 Q 10, Francis Villamar checked to Jeff Tims who banged out 4000. Villamar called. At the turn of 2, Villamar checked again and Tims banged out more chips, 5500. Villamar called. Then on the river of K, Villamar repeated his checking routine while Tims repeated his betting moves and sent out 12,500 to the pot. Villamar folded. Tims took down the pot and showed his 8 9 bluff.

Terry Fan wins some more

Level: 8 Blinds: 250/500 Ante: 50

Terry Fan is chipping up slowly. He raised to 1200 from utg position and was called by the small blind player. At the flop of K 9 5, sb checked to Fan who bet 1300. The sb called. At the turn of 8, sb checked, Fan bet 20,500, and sb opted to fold giving Fan the pot. 2