APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Runas cracks Paul John Santos’ Aces

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Shortly after doubling up off Annica Ivert, Paul John Santos felt a world of pain when his A A was cracked by Cristopher Runas who held 8 9 and a board of A 6 7 10 3. Runas doubled up.

Takayama with around 450K

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Mike Takayama took down a massive pot and catapulted to around 450K chips. During the hand, Takayama raised to 12K then got repopped big when the small blind moved all in with his 144K chips. Takayama called and it was a showdown.


Takayama: A 10

With the flop landing A 9 10, Takayama took the lead with two pairs. Then when the turn landed J and river of 6, Takayama won a huge pot and removed another player from the field.

Lucky river for Paul John Santos

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Catching the action only at the shipping with Paul John Santos all in on a board showing

Board: 6 9 J 2 J

Santos had K J

Annica Ivert: K K

With that trips, Santos avoided elimination and doubled up while giving Ivert a painful badbeat.

Loo boots out Antonio

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Ramon Antonio is the next casualty of the day when he shoved his last 25K preflop and was called by Ben Soon Yung Loo.

Antonio: Q 10

Loo: A J

With the board offering running very low, Antonio was out of the Main Event.

Bae Kanghee vs Seung Soo Jeon

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

After a preflop raise war, Bae Kanghee and Seung Soo Jeon saw a flop land 7 7 9. Kanghee acted first and led out 26K only to be raised to 76K by Jeon. In a swift move, Kanghee shoved and Jeon shook his head while folding.

Ha Duong doubles up Imperial

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Ha Duong and Emmanuel Imperial battle in hand that began with a 12,500 raise by Duong then a call by Imperial. At the flop,

Flop: J 6 7

Imperial shoved his remaining 45K chips and Duong called.

Imperial: Q J

Duong: 9 9

With the turn of 2 and river of 4, Imperial doubled up to around 120K chips.

Jay-R Mascunana doubles up to over 100K

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

With a raise to 11500 by Ramon Antonio and a call by the button player, Jay-R Mascunana got all his 49.5K chips in the middle. Antonio called but the button folded and it was a showdown.

Mascunana: J J

Antonio: A K

Board: 5 7 6 2 4

Mascunana doubled up to over 115K chips.

Andrew Nguyen railed, Reistad triples, Sanchez escalates

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

In an action packed all in fiesta preflop, Joakim Reistad had 40K, Andrew Nguyen had 78.5K, and Rey Sanchez had them both well covered.

Reistad: 8 9

Nguyen: A 9

Sanchez: A 10

Board: 2 3 10 7 J

Reistad tripled up to around 40K and Nguyen was eliminated by Sanchez.

Paul John Santos saved by the King

Level: 18 Blinds: 2500-5000 Ante: 500

Paul John Santos shoved his remaining 19K chips and got a caller in Joven Huerto. At the showdown,

Santos: K Q

Huerto: A J

Needing to get lucky, Santos watched the board land 8 2 4, but with the turn of K, Santos was now ahead with a pair, and with the river card of 6, he happily doubled up.