Joven Huerto’s quads vs Bringley’s boat

We aren’t sure what happened preflop but at the flop of 7 7 7, the two players remaining in the hand, Joven Huerto and Gerard Bringley got into some heavy action with Huerto checking, Bringley betting 6400, raised to 13,000 by Huerto, and then called by Bringley. At the turn of J, action did not stop with Huerto leading out for 10,000, raised to 35,000 by Bringley, then called by Huerto. At the river of 2, Huerto checked his option, Bringley shoved, and instantly, Huerto called with his remaining 21,000. Huerto won the pot with 7 5 quads against Bringley’s A J full house. Bringley’s stack took a beating and is now down to around 15K.