APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

APT Asian Series Cebu 2015 dates!

Level: 25 Blinds: 12000-24000 Ante: 4000

Just a heads up for everyone…. we have the dates for the first APT 2015 event. APT Asian Series Cebu, January 27- February 4 ,2015. This will be a 9-day event held at the Waterfront Lahug Hotel and Casino, and All In Poker Sports Club.

Day 3 has ended with Raymi Sanchez on top!

Level: 25 Blinds: 12000-24000 Ante: 4000

Day 3 of the Main Event has ended with Raymi Sanchez leading the Final Eight with 1,867, 000 chips. Here are the Final Eight and their chip counts.

1- Raymi Sanchez – 1,867,000
2- Jay Lubas – 1,661,000
3- Samad Razavi- 1,037,000
4- Mike Takayama – 969,000
5 – Emmanuel Imperial – 851,000
6 – Alex Lee – 518,000
7 – Dennis Huntly – 376,000
8 – John Jay Magadan – 38,000

Jun Saito denied final table berth

Level: 25 Blinds: 12000-24000 Ante: 4000

With the elimination of Marc Rivera, it was bubble time to the Final Eight, short stacked Jun Saito needed some magic to happen for him to get back in the game. With a raise to 50K by Jay Lubas already kicking off the hand, Saito went all in with his 29K and was joined by Mike Takayama.

Flop: 9 6 9- Lubas and Takayama checked.

Turn: 5 – Lubas and Takayama checked again.

River: K – Lubas and Takayama checked again.

Lubas showed A 7 which was good enough for the win as both Takayama and Saito mucked. Saito exits in 9th place and earns P343,000 for his finish.




Marc Rivera out in 10th place

Level: 25 Blinds: 12000-24000 Ante: 4000

With 10 players left, they were moved to one table. Not long after, Marc Rivera was all in for 390K, and Jay Lubas who had initially raised to 50K and was called by Dennis Huntly, made the call while Huntly folded.

Rivera: A J

Lubas: 8 8

With the board running blanks, K 9 9 7 6, Rivera bowed out of the Main Event in 10th place. He earns P287,000 for his finish.

Jay-R Mascunana exits in 11th place

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Jay-R Mascunana tangled in a hand against Raymi Sanchez that we caught on a turn board of J 7 A 8. Mascunana checked to Sanchez who bet 60K to which Mascunana responded with an all in move to 157K. Sanchez called.

Sanchez: A 3 top pair

Mascunana: Q J mid pair

With the river of 8, Mascunana was eliminated in 11th place. Mascunana collects P261,000 for his finish.

Mike Takayama vs Marc Rivera

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

More action between Mike Takayama and Marc Rivera….

It began with John Jay Magadan raising it up to 45K, was re-raised to 160K by Takayama, then followed by an all in move by Rivera. Magadan got out of the way and folded but Takayama was not going anywhere. He moved all in as well.

Takayama: K K

Rivera: J J

With the board not helping Rivera improve his hand, Takayama doubled up.

Marc Rivera wins a sizeable pot

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Action began with Samad Razavi raising to 46K, got three-bet to 165K by John Jay Magadan, then re-popped to a massive all in by Marc Rivera. Razavi quickly folded but Magadan tanked for a bit then opted to fold as well. Rivera took down the pot.

Marc Rivera vs Mike Takayama

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Having tangled in a big pot earlier with Mike Takayama besting Marc Rivera, they were at it once again in this hand. Rivera raised to 105K preflop, Takayama shoved to 397K, and after tanking, he decided to hold on to his chips and fight another hand.

Roger Spets eliminated in 12th by Sanchez

Level: 24 Blinds: 10000-20000 Ante: 3000

Raymi Sanchez burns another player, this time it’s Roger Spets who re-raised all in for his 200K chips.

Sanchez: A K

Spets: A 7

With a board of 6 J 3 6 6 felted, Spets was out in 12th place. Spets earns P261,000 for his finish.