APT Asian Series Manila 2014 Main Event

Day 1A of the Main Event ends with 63 players

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

A total of 156 players entered the Main Event Day 1A and after 11 levels of play, more than half of the field was eliminated and 63 remained. Leading the pack is Tan Tai Zheng with 166,500 and Michael Lindstrom with 155,400. Congratulations to everyone who qualified into Day 2.

Runas gets no callers for his Cowboys

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

It started off with Marc Rivera raising it up to 2500, was then called by a mid position player, but raised to 10K by Runas. Seeing that it was one of the last hands of the day, both players folded and Runas showed K K.

High Pocket pairs battle

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

Hideki Takafuji and another player were all in preflop. Takafuji had Pocket Aces and his opponent had Pocket Queens. With the board no help to the ladies, Takafuji wins the hand and rails a player in the process.

Jun Saito eliminates a short stack

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

With only 4300 in chips, the short stack went all in with A 3 and was called by Jun Saito who had A J. The board ran blanks for the short stack and just like that another one doesn’t make it through the day.

Jeffrey Cruz doubles up

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

Jeffrey Cruz moved all in with his remaining 8000 and Henry Wong obliged with a call. Cruz had A K and Wong had A 7. The board landed 9 2 5 7 4, and with that, Cruz had his nut flush and was glad for the much needed double up.

Hans Lim vs Gerard Lubas

Level: 11 Blinds: 500/1000 Ante: 100

Gerard Lubas went head to head with Hans Lim in a hand that had a raise preflop. With the board showing Q 6 8, Lubas led out for 3000, Lim raised it double to 6000, and Lubas called. At the turn of 6, both players checked for a free look at the river of 2. Lubas led the betting again by sending out 6000, Lim called. Lubas had K Q and Lim mucked right after he showed his Q. Lubas scooped a decent pot.

Ron Alvin Rivera chipping up little by little

Level: 10 Blinds: 400/800 Ante: 100

Ron Alvin Rivera stirred the pot when he raised it up to 2300 and getting two callers to give him some action. At the flop of 4 A 9, everyone checked. At the turn of Q, Rivera bet 2500 and got one player to call. On the river of 6, Rivera bet again, this time 3500, and was again called. Rivera won the hand with his K K.