Latest side event winners: Hui Wei Kwok, Sho Furutani, Liang Chih Ying, Eric Tsai

With the APT Taiwan 2019 featured event grabbing all the headlines, we’ve been delayed in acknowledging our latest side event winners. Four players seized the APT Golden Lion these past days at the CTP Club – Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. Congratulations to the winners! 

Full Event Results

No Limit Hold’em 2: HUI WEI KWOK

Hui Wei Kwok

 The two-day No Limit Hold’em 2 event attracted 127 runners and at TWD 9,900 each, a pot of TWD 1,108,700 was generated with 22 players slicing off their respective share. Claiming the top prize TWD 269,300 and his first APT Golden Lion was Hong Kong’s Hui Wei Kwok.   

Top 8 payouts
1st Hui Weik Kwok – Hong Kong – TWD 269,300
2nd Liu Yi Chi – Taiwan – TWD 179,200
3rd Lee Kuang Hung – Taiwan – TWD 124,600
4th Yoichi Uesugi – Japan – TWD 90,000
5th Jen Yen Chien – Taiwan – TWD 67,300
6th Jinhyo Yoo – Korea – TWD 51,900
7th Liang Chih Ying – Taiwan – TWD 41,200
8th Lau King Sing – Hong Kong – TWD 33,600

Deep Stack Turbo 1: SHO FURUTANI

Sho Furutani

The Deep Stack Turbo 1 event saw 74 take to the felt. Buy-in was TWD 5,500 for a pot of TWD 358,900. This was divvied up among 13 players. Rising to the top was Japan’s Sho Furutani. This brought Japan their third title of the series. 

Top 8 payouts
1st Sho Furutani – Japan – TWD 99,400
2nd Huang Min Feng – China – TWD 66,300
3rd Kosaku Akashi – Japan – TWD 46,100
4th Andy Lim – Korea – TWD 33,300
5th Yasuhiko Sasaki – Japan – TWD 24,900
6th Shih Wei En – Taiwan – TWD 19,200
7th Yang Dong Hyun – Korea – 15,300
8th Pan Chun Liang – Taiwan – TWD 12,400

Deep Stack Turbo 2: LIANG CHIH YING

Liang Chih Ying

The second edition of the Deep Stack Turbo event attracted similar numbers with 76 on the felt. The pot of TWD 368,600. Finding his way to the top was Taiwan’s own Liang Chih Ying to ship the TWD 102,000 first prize. 13 players profited at this event. 

Top 8 payouts
1st Liang Chih Ying – Taiwan – TWD 102,000
2nd Graeme Siow – Singapore – TWD 68,100
3rd Fumiaki Chono – Japan – TWD 47,300
4th Huang Li Yuan – Taiwan – TWD 34,200
5th David Battersby – Ireland – TWD 25,600
6th Wang Yan Feng – China – TWD 19,700
7th Danny Yuan – Hong Kong – TWD 15,700
8th Hsiang Chang – Taiwan – TWD 12,800

High Rollers Single Day (added event): ERIC TING YI TSAI 

Eric Ting Yi Tsai

A special High Rollers single day was added at TWD 33,000 buy-in. 11 signed up for a prize pool of TWD 320,100. Overcoming a huge deficit at heads up against Marvin Rettenmaier was Eric Ting Yi Tsai. He pocketed the TWD 224,100 first prize. Rettenmaier claimed the TWD 96,000 runner-up prize.