Kota Nakano wins second PLO series title; Martin Stausholm and Kenichi Takarabe grab trophies

APT Philippines II 2019 saw another set of trophies leave the awards table here at the new Grand Wing of Resorts World Manila. The latest side event champions were Martin Stausholm, Kenichi Takarabe, and Kota Nakano who claimed his second trophy of the series. Congratulations to the winners! Recaps below. All ITM players earned points towards the APT Player of the Series race so make sure to check your standing. 

APT Player of the Series

Event results

Event #9: Pot Limit Omaha Hi – Kota Nakano – PHP 352,800 (~USD 6,700)

There were only two Pot Limit Omaha events scheduled and both were shipped by one player, Japan’s Kota Nakano. Days ago, he won the PLO Hi-Lo Split then earlier today, he took down the two-day PLO Hi event. The final 8 table of this event streamed live and has been uploaded in APT Twitch and APT YouTube. You can view that anytime.  

For a brief recap, the top three players entering the final 8 roundup were Xiaosheng Zheng, Xixiang Luo, and Kota Nakano. All three players drove their stacks to the final three with Zheng bringing in over 60% of the chips in play. However, he couldn’t hold off the attacking Nakano and found himself falling in 3rd place. Nakano entered heads up against Luo with a commanding 8:1 chip advantage. It took only one hand to nail it down. On a flop 4 5 K Luo went all in and was called. 

Luo Q Q 5 3
Nakano K Q 9 2

The turn came 10 for a flush draw to Luo but with the 2 river, Nakano had the better spread. Nakano earned the PHP 352,800 first prize and his second trophy of the series.  Equally impressive, Hong Kong’s Yik “Ray” Yin Chiu was at the final table once again for his third appearance at the festival. 

1st Kota Nakano – Japan – PHP 352,800
2nd Xixiang Luo – China – PHP 235,200
3rd Xiaosheng Zheng – China – PHP 163,500
4th Jae Chang – Korea – PHP 118,100
5th Jun Yoshida – Japan – PHP 88,300
6th Yik “Ray” Yin Chiu – Hong Kong – PHP 68,200 
7th Chen Chih Yen – China – PHP 54,100
8th Wang Bing – China – PHP 44,100
9th Andrew Cosico – USA – PHP 36,700
10th Gerard Bringley – Japan – PHP 30,600
11th Charles Esteban – Philippines – PHP 30,600

Event #11: High Rollers Single Day 2 – Martin Stausholm – PHP 1,259,400 (~USD 24,100)

The High Rollers Single Day 2 event ran alongside the final day of the Main Event with 67 turning up at PHP 86,000 (~USD 1,700) each for a prize pool of PHP 5,199,200 (~USD 99,600). Many familiar faces and circuit pros warmed up seats but ultimately it was Denmark’s Martin Stausholm, newcomer to the APT who shipped it. Stausholm was already sporting a huge stack at four-handed after sending Phachara Wongwichit packing up in 5th place. From there, he coasted to victory and pocketed PHP 1,259,400 and his first-ever APT title. 

1st Martin Stausholm – Denmark – PHP 1,259,400
2nd Tou Ta Wei – Taiwan – PHP 1,190,600
3rd Han Fei – China – PHP 681,300
4th Bobby Zhang – Australia – PHP 492,100
5th Phachara Wongwichit – Thailand – PHP 368,000
6th Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – PHP 284,000
7th Roger Spets – Sweden – PHP 225,500
8th Kirill Tarasov – Russia – PHP 183,700
9th David Wang – Australia – PHP 153,100
10th Alexis Lim – Philippines – PHP 127,600
11th Soo Jo Kim – Korea – PHP 127,600
12th Yo-seb Rhee – Korea – PHP 106,300

Event #12: No Limit Hold’em Single Day 2 – Kenichi Takarabe – PHP 402,800 (~USD 7,700)

The No Limit Hold’em Single Day 2 event attracted a slightly smaller field than its first edition. 110 bought in at PHP 16,500 (~USD 320) each to bring  the prize pool to PHP 1,600,500 (~USD 30,500). Out of that pot, the top 19 players divvied it up. The largest share went to Japan’s Kenichi Takarabe who finished off Philippines Richard Nakila at heads up. This was Takarabe’s first-ever APT win. The final 8 race streamed live and has been uploaded in APT Twitch and APT YouTube for viewing anytime. 

For a brief recap of his win, at three-handed, big stacks Takarabe and Taiki Iwasaki bumped heads with Takarabe holding Q Q and Iwasaki A K. Takarabe won the flip with the board running K 3 8 8 2. Iwasaki was eliminated and Takarabe faced Nakila with a 4.5:1 chip lead. It took one hand to win it. Nakila 9 9, Takarabe A 6, an ace landed on the river. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Kenichi Takarabe – Japan – PHP 402,800
2nd Richard Nakila – Philippines – PHP 268,600
3rd Taiki Iwasaki – Japan – PHP 186,700
4th Saiki Tanaka – Japan – PHP 134,900
5th En Ching Wu – Chinese Taipei – PHP 100,800
6th Wenjian Qui – New Zealand – PHP 77,800
7th Jeffrey Ponce – Philippines – PHP 61,800
8th Ryuichi Tsunomiya – Japan – PHP 50,400

APT Philippines II 2019 schedule