Korea’s Jinho Hong closes out the Championships Event for his first-ever major APT victory

Korea’s Jinho Hong got a second chance at closing out an APT featured event and he did just that at the Championships Event. Hong defeated En Ching Wu at heads up to lift up the APT Championships Event Trophy, the APT Championship Ring, and TWD 1,697,300 (~USD 55,400) in winnings.

The Championships Event ran from October 16 to 20 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association. This was the the Asian Poker Tour‘s second featured tournament, running back to back with the Main Event. To join and take part in the TWD 6 million guarantee, it cost TWD 49,500 (~USD 1,600) for a seat. With 144 signing on, the pot grew to TWD 6,285,600 (~USD 205,400). 

In Day 3, Jinho Hong was in danger of elimination during the bubble round falling to below 10 bbs.  He doubled up to avoid the rail. Once the money was reached at 15 places, Hong doubled up another two times before the day ended. At the fall of Chen An Lin (9th), the final 8 players was formed and returned today for the last hurdle to the title.

Relive the Final 8 race via APT Twitch we also have a brief recap below. You can read up on the Day 2 and Day 3 action via our Championships Event Live Updates.

Final 8 payouts
1st Jinho Hong – Korea – TWD 1,697,300
2nd En Ching Wu – Taiwan – TWD 1,131,500
3rd Choy Wai Tak – Hong Kong – TWD 786,600
4th Huang Yi Qing – China – TWD 568,200
5th Yi Wei Peng – Taiwan – TWD 424,900
6th Chi Jen Chu – Taiwan – TWD 327,900
7th JC Sayo – Philippines – TWD 260,400
8th Sengsu Kong – Korea – TWD 212,200

Final 8 players and recap

The race kicked off with Taiwan’s En Ching Wu (seat 8) at the helm. First to fall was short stacked Seongsu Kong (seat 3) outdrawn by Jinho Hong (seat 2) whose A-K found two kings on the board to dust Kong’s pocket nines. 

Next to the rail was short stacked JC Sayo (seat 4) with Wu delivering the boot. Sayo’s A 5 was dominated throughout against Wu’s A 9 that further improved to a straight. Wu claimed his second victim sending Chi Jen Chu (seat 6) out in 6th place with A 6 finding a six on the turn to overtake Chu’s 3 3

En Ching Wu

At five remaining, Hong earned the chip lead after winning a scatter of pots with barely a showdown. A big scoop was a preflop raise war won against Wu. The stream showed Wu folding A Q but not before giving up a large chunk of chips to Hong who held A K. The round ended at the fall of Yi Wei Peng (seat 1) in 5th place. Peng pushed with Q J but couldn’t find the board  and fell to Choy Wai Tak (seat 5) 6 6.

At four-handed, Wu lost more chips to Hong with 9 9 set losing to Hong’s J 10 straight on a board of K 5 9 Q J. This sent Wu to bottom rank. Wu made up some of the lost chips through Huang Yi Qing (seat 7). With a big pot formed and a board 7 6 2 J, Wu pushed, Huang used three time banks before folding. Down in chips, Huang busted in 4th place to Choy with Q 10 unable to improve against Choy’s A Q

The three-handed bout was owned by Hong who rose to over half of of the chips in play. When Choy’s K 6 fell to Wu’s K J on a board J 2 7 J A, it was heads up with Hong still way ahead in chips.

Wu 2,140,000 (27 bbs)
Hong 5,020,000 (63 bbs)

Blinds: 40K – 80K ante 80K

Despite the deficit, Wu proved tough. He collected a huge pot on a board A 3 4 7 with a three-bet uncalled shove to take the lead for the first time since he started the day. Wu began to pull away which led to the first all in showdown. Wu raised to 180k, Hong shoved 2.075m, called by Wu. Hong had J 9, Wu A 10, the board ran K 9 5 2 Q for a double up to Hong. 

Back on top, the final hand arrived fifteen minutes later. On a turn board 6 8 Q 4, Wu bet, Hong check-raised, Wu shoved, Hong snap-called. 

Wu Q 8 top two pair
Hong 5 7 straight

The river J sealed the win for Hong to become the newest APT Championships Event winner.

Congratulations to Jinho Hong for his superb performance at the series! He championed the Championships Event and finished runner-up at the Main Event.