Jeonggyu Cho wins his first-ever APT title at the No Limit Hold’em Single Day

While APT Vietnam 2019 was running Day 1C of the Main Event, also bumping elbows for space was the No Limit Hold’em Single Day. Alike the main, this was fancied by triple digits with 101 entries (81 uniques, 20 re-entries).

With buy-in at VND 8,800,000 (~USD 380), players battled for a piece of the VND 783,760,000 (~USD 33,700) prize pool. Out of the 17 players that achieved that goal, it was Korea’s Jeonggyu Cho who rose to victory to capture his first-ever live career title.

This was a glorious moment for Cho who sat in four previous APT final tables before banking it on his fifth visit. Congratulations to Jeonggyu Cho! He earned VND 174,178,000 (~USD 7,500) and a golden lion APT event trophy he will surely treasure.

Event recap

Recapping the action from the bubble round, David Luong called a short stacks three-bet shove and won with pocket twos over Q-10 offsuit that missed. From there, the hunt for the title continued.

The official final 8 table was formed on a double knockout with Kang-Feng Lien shipping it. Big stacked Lien had  A K, another big stack Nguyen Chi Thinh K K, and short stacked Nguyen Quy Bang 3 3. The board was Q 6 J 9 A to river the win. 

The players were moved to the featured table. You can watch the final 8 race via APT Twitch and APT YouTube

For a brief rundown of the action, Lien (seat 5) entered with the chip lead. Jeonggyu Cho (seat 6) was running second. Lien dealt the first blow by sending short stacked Frederik Kerckhof (seat 8) out in 8th place. Another short stack took a dive next, Clement Lemon (seat 3) fell in 7th place to Daniel Cohen (seat 4). Lien then claimed his second final table victim by sending David Erquiaga (seat 1) packing in 6th place. All three busts happened within the first 25 minutes.  

At five-handed, the game tightened up with chips moving in every direction. It took nearly an hour before the next casualty. Daniel Cohen (seat 4) was bumped out by Cho in 5th place with A 3 over K 9 on a dry board. This was Cho’s first final table knockout. Fifteen minutes later, Lien earned his third head, taking all of Taehoo Lee’s chips (seat 2). Lee was ahead at the shove with A Q to Lien’s A 3 but when the board ran J 9 8 4 5 it improved the leader to the nut flush.  

Two minutes after, Luong (seat 7) was all in with A 9, Cho was ahead with 8 8, the board ensured the win for Cho as it spread J 6 10 8 2. This brought about heads up with Lien backed by 63% of the chips in play. 

After numerous small pots earned, Cho surpassed Lien for the lead. The final hand arrived with Lien holding 10 10, Cho A 8, the board ran Q K 4 A 3 and it was a celebration time for Cho.  

Cho is running very strong at the series. He also bagged the chip lead at Main Event Day 1B. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Jeonggyu Cho – Korea – VND 174,178,000 (deal made)
2nd Kng-Feng Lien – China – VND 164,032,000 (deal made) 
3rd David Luong – Australia – VND 94,040,000
4th Taeho Lee – Korea – VND 67,930,000
5th Daniel Cohen – USA – VND 50,800,000
6th David Erquiaga – Philippines – VND 39,200,000
7th Clement Lemon – France – VND 31,130,000
8th Frederik Kerckhof – Belgium – VND 25,360,000

Full results —-> APT Vietnam 2019 results

All players that cashed in this event earned points towards the Player of the Series race. Make sure to check your standings via the link below. 

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