Jeonggyu Cho jumps to the lead at Main Event Day 1B; chip counts inside; Day 1C up next, get bubble protected

APT Vietnam 2019 was rockin’ all day with host venue Pro Poker Club filled to capacity. Multiple events were running. The star of the show stretched out occupying half of the room. At the end of the scheduled nine rounds 116 (98 uniques, 18 re-entries) turned up for MAIN EVENT Day 1B. 49 survived to join the Day 1A survivors and stay in contention for the VND 8 Billion (~USD 345,500) guarantee. 

Among today’s movers and shakers were pros Alan King Lun Lau, Le Ngoc Khanh, Piet Pape, David Erquiaga, Kjell Ove Dyb, Sumit Sapra, and High Rollers 1 champion Joakim Anderson.

All of them advanced to Day 2 but outshining them were three players very close in chips, Jeonggyu Cho (149,500), Nguyen Quang Minh (148,700), and Dhaval Mudgal (143,300). These three players take the top spots in the combined list of survivors. 

Jeonggyu Cho wins three-way all in

Just before the final hands were called, Jeonggyu Cho won a three-way showdown with K K against 9 9 and a short stack’s 9 6. The cowboys held to send Cho storming upwards and right into the leader’s seat with 149,500. 

Nguyen Quang Minh aka Mr Ngo

Prior to Cho’s take down, at a separate table, Nguyen Quang Minh aka Mr. Ngo had built up a sizable stack and would have been the leader if not for Cho’s three-way win. He bagged up second rank of 148,700. 

Rounding out the top three was Dhaval Mudgal who like Cho picked up a late pot to bring his stack to 143,300. Mudgal railed a player with K-10 straight over top pair. 

Day 1B survivors merge with the 21 Day 1A survivors bringing the total Day 2 players to 70. They all have a day break before returning to the races on Sunday November 10 for Day 2. Here’s a look at the tally so far:

Day 1A: 21 advanced out of 50 entries
Day 1B: 49 advanced out of 116 entries
Chips in play: 4,150,000
Average stack: 59,285

You can view the combined chip counts via this link below. We also have Day 1B posted at the bottom of this page. 

Combined Day 1 chip counts

Man Event – Day 1C up next

With two Day 1 heats in the bag, one more to go. Main Event Day 1C takes place on Saturday, November 9 starting at 1pm. For a buy-in of VND 22,000,000 (~USD 1,000) it gives you a chance at the handsome VND 8 Billion (~USD 345,500) guarantee. Get there before the starting gun and have your chips in play by the first deal to qualify for Bubble Protection. 

Starting stack: 25,000
Format: Ante Big Blind
Opening blinds: 25 – 50 
Blinds interval: 60 minutes
Bagging time: end of Level 9

Day 1C is the last starting day however registration stays open for one hour in Day 2. It closes at the start of Level 11. For all the Main Event info, head to the link below:

Everything you need to know on the Main Event 

Main Event – Day 1B chip counts

Rank Name Country / Region Chips
1 Jeonggyu Cho Korea 149,500
2 Mr Ngo (Nguyen Quang Minh) Vietnam 148,700
3 Dhaval Mudgal India 143,500
4 Seok Hyun Song Korea 139,700
5 Jiang Yong Bu Singapore 117,600
6 Huynh Duc Tai Vietnam 113,500
7 Tomokazu Hattanda Japan 111,800
8 Robert Nemeskeri-Kiss United States 100,800
9 Le Ngoc Khanh Vietnam 95,500
10 Yin Mingbao Singapore 88,400
11 Janno Alvarez Philippines 85,000
12 Vinh Tran Vietnam 83,900
13 Hieu Ngo Vietnam 71,700
14 Kensuke Koizumi Japan 71,500
15 Tu Lee  Australia 64,900
16 David Luong  Australia 64,800
17 Lau King Lun Alan Hong Kong 63,500
18 Thanh Quyen Vietnam 62,700
19 Thien Phu Vietnam 62,000
20 Piet Pape Germany 59,300
21 Hoang Vinh Thinh Vietnam 58,100
22 Cedric Michel Joannes France 55,900
23 Lau King Sing Hong Kong 53,900
24 Edward Pastoll United Kingdom 53,600
25 Pham Minh Tuan Vietnam 52,800
26 Jie Zhang Hong Kong 52,200
27 Choi Tae Jin Korea 48,400
28 Billy Loo Say Zis Malaysia 45,700
29 Tan Nguyen Vietnam 45,600
30 Jaesh Balachandran Singapore 40,500
31 Ma Chun Yu Hong Kong 39,500
32 Livar Dysualand Norway 37,800
33 Taegyun Kim (Felix) Korea 35,900
34 Yang Dong Myeong Korea 35,500
35 Nguyen Thanh Hung Vietnam 35,100
36 Peter Kiem United States 34,500
37 Sumit Sapra India 33,800
38 Lee Jae Hoon Korea 33,600
39 Chau Ka Ming Hong Kong 32,000
40 Daniel Cohen United States 26,100
41 Royly Oracion Philippines 22,500
42 David Erquiaga Philippines 22,500
43 Minjoo Cho Korea 21,400
44 Joakim Anderson Sweden 19,800
45 Khiem Phan Vietnam 18,600
46 Mitsuru Sano Japan 18,500
47 Hari Varma Australia 10,700
48 Josh Mc Cully Australia 8,500
49 Lee Chih Wei Taiwan 6,500
Day 1B = 116