Final wrap: Chan Lok Ming wins APT Player of the Series; final winners Wang Wei Chu, David Tai, Lee Kun Han

And that’s a wrap! After twelve days of nonstop games, APT Taiwan 2020 awarded a total of 26 event champions and paid out over TW$ 11.7 million (~(US$ 390,000). Congratulations to all the winners. Added shoutout to featured event champions Main Event Hamish Crawshaw and Championships Event Wilson Lim. In partnership with the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association, the event took place from March 4 to 15 in Taipei City. It attracted 221 players representing 21 nations for a total of 965 entries. 

APT  Taiwan 2020 results

The Asian Poker Tour sends it gratitude to everyone that supported the event. Given the circumstances, we hope to bring you another APT event very soon. Keep checking our facebook page and website for any updates. 

To close out the games, Chan Lok Ming was awarded the Player of the Series title for his incredible run. We also have the final side event winners listed below. 

APT Player of the Series standings

APT Player of the Series 

1st place: CHAN LOK MING – 1,327.06 points

Hong Kong’s Chan Lok Ming was undoubtedly the superstar of the series. Out of 26 games offered, he cashed in 9 of them finishing at the top in three. For his victory, Ming was awarded the APT POS Trophy, APT POS ring, Meistr watch, and US$ 800. Here’s a look at his impressive stats: 

8th place: Event #1 KMGM Monster Stack 
Top two: Event #2 Ladies of Poker
1st place: Event #5: No Limit Hold’em 
1st place: Event #8 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo
5th place: Event #9 No Limit Hold’em 
2nd place: Event # 10 No Limit Hold’em
6th place: Event $#19 Deep Stack Turbo
1st place: Event # 22 5 Card PLO Hi 
2nd place: Event # 24 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

2nd place: CHENG CHAO TING – 821.62 points

While Chan Lok Ming clearly had the top spot in the bag, the race for 2nd and 3rd was decided on the final day’s play. Taiwan’s Cheng Chao Ting was running a very close third. His cash at the Monster Stack event earned him enough points to take 2nd place. He was awarded the APT POS 2nd place trophy and US$ 100. Here’s a look at how he ran at the series:

7th place: Event #1 KMGM Monster Stack 
1st place: Event #3 Pot Limit Omaha Hi
2nd place: Event #15 Pot Limit Omaha Turbo
9th place: Event #17 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo 
4th place: Event #18 Mix Game NLH-PLO
9th place: Event #20: Monster Stack

3rd place: ORI KOSSONOGI – 782.93 points

Finishing in 3rd place was Israeli Ori Kossonogi. Entering the final day, Kossonogi had a slight lead over Cheng Chao Ting however Ting cashed at the Monster Stack to easily overtake. Still, Kossonogi had a good run with five cashes that included a victory. For his achievement, he was awarded the APT POS 3rd place trophy and US$ 100. 

3rd place: Event #5 No Limit Hold’em
1st place: Event #10 No Limit Hold’em
5th place: Event #12 No Limit Hold’em
6th place: Event #13 Pot Limit Omaha Turbo
3rd place: Event #17 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Final side event winners

Event #20: Monster Stack – WANG WEI CHU 

The two-day Monster Stack event attracted 72 on Day 1 with only 19 through to the final day. Bringing in the most chips was Taiwan’s Wang Wei Chu and despite the challenges at the final table, he prevailed to land his first-ever APT title and TW$ 233,800 (~US$ 7,700) for his largest career live score. 

Buy-in: TW$ 16,500 (~TW$ 550)
Entries: 72
Prize pool: TW$ 1,047,600  (~US$ 34,700)
ITM: 12 places 

Recapping the action from the bubble round, Fabrice Giz fell when his 6 6 were no match for Liu Chen Yi‘s A A. Not only was Liu ahead but she further improved to quads with both aces showing up. 

From there, bust outs were quick leading to the final table still led by Wang Wei Chu. First to fall was Cheng Chao Ting with K-Q trips crushed by Chu’s K-10 full house. Short stacked Fulin Tseng tripled up her short stack. Liu’ A K missed the board against a player’s 3 3 to cripple her down then out on the next hand. Next showdown was a double up won by Chi Hang with 10 10 holding against Go Mori’s A 6

Jacky Wang proceeded to rail Pete Yen Han Chen with A A dominating Q Q. Jacky continued to crush his opponents sending Hang to the rail with a set of fours over set of threes. To bring it down to the final four, Jacky eliminated Fulin with 3 3 set to Fulin’s two pairs. 

Jacky Wang

The game slowed down during four-handed. Jacky had an enormous lead of nearly half of the chips in play. His nemesis was the player to his immediate left, Go Mori, who scooped up big pots to shave down some of Jacky’s towers. On one hand, Mori had a flush to Jacky’s trips, then later Mori scored a monster double up with A Q higher straight to Jacky’s Q Q straight on a board J 9 K 10 10. Down to 8 bbs, Jacky was able to bring it up slightly however it was short-lived. Mori took the rest of it with 7 7 ahead of 2 2

Go Mori

Three handed, Chu attacked Mori’s stack to take the lead. Mori recovered on a double up. Chu finished off Chih-I Fang in 3rd place with 6 7 straight to  Fang’s 9 9 overpair on a board 8 2 4 5 A. Shoves were on the turn. The final two players immediately struck a deal to end the game. Chu had the bigger stack to give him the win. 

1st Wang Wei Chu – Taiwan – TW$ 233,800 (deal made)
2nd Go Mori – Japan – TW$ 260,000 (deal made)
3rd Chih-I Fang – Taiwan – TW$ 137,300 
4th Jacky Wang – Singapore – TW$ 99,100
5th Fulin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 74,100
6th Chi Hang – Taiwan – TW$ 57,200
7th Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 45,400
8th Liu Chen Yi – Taiwan – TW$ 37,000
9th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 30,900
10th Kuo Cheang Seng – Taiwan – TW$ 25,700
11th Yutaka Iwokawa – Japan – TW$ 25,700
12th Wilson Lim – Singapore – TW$ 21,400

Event #23: High Rollers Single Day – DAVID HSING HSIUNG TAI

Heavy hitters took to the felt for the last High Rollers event. 12 one the saddle with only two ensured the money. Reining it in was David Hsing Hsiung Tai for his second series win. He defeated pro Pete Yen Han Chen to claim it. On a board 3 4 5 9 3 with all the chips in on the turn, Tai had 6 7 straight to Chen’s Q Q overpair. Strong performance for Tai at the series. He also finished second at the Championships Event. 

 Buy-in: TW$ 54,000 (~US$ 1,800)
Entries: 12
Prize pool: TW$ 582,000 (~US$ 19,300)

1st David Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – TW$ 407,400 (~US$ 13,500)
2nd Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 174,600 (~US$ 5,800)

Event #24: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – LEE KUN HAN

The last event offered was the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo seeing 34 enter. The event concluded on a heads up deal that awarded the title to chip leader Lee Kun Han.

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: TW$ 164,900 (~US$ 5,400)

During the bubble round, after several hands played, the seven players decided to award a min-cash to 7th place. Once the money was guaranteed, it was bust after bust leading to heads up between Lee Kun Han and Chan Lok Ming. Another deal was immediately struck, this time to end the game and award Lee the win. 

1st Lee Kun Han – Taiwan – TW$ 44,300
2nd Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 55,000
3rd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 24,1o0
4th Chen Tzu Han – Taiwan – TW$ 16,100
5th Chuang Kang – Taiwan – TW$ 11,300
6th Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 8,700
7th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 5,500