Final side event winners: Hua Wei Lin, Po Wen Fang, Mao Lin Yu, Chen An Lin, and Ming Nan Chou

The APT Taiwan 2021 festivities at CTP Club Taipei (Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association) closed with the last five trophies swept off the awards table. Congratulations to the winners Hua Wei Lin, Po Wen Fang, Mao Lin Yu, Chen An Lin, and Ming Nan Chou! You can find the results down below. 

For the final event of the series, the tour heads back to CTP Club Taichung. The APT Taichung Special Event NT$ 1 million guaranteed runs from March 12 to 15. Buy in is NT$ 10,000 (~US$ 360). Two starting days are scheduled. The eventual champion will take home the last APT Trophy of the series and an added CTP Championship Series Pass worth NT$ 25,000. Make sure to check the schedule for all the details. 

APT Taiwan 2021 schedule

Side Event results

Event #13: Monster Stack – HUA WEI LIN – NT$ 171,600 (~US$ 6,157)

Another first time winner awarded at the series. Hua Wei Lin overcame the 47 runners of the Monster Stack event for her third ever APT cash. Lin defeated Cnung Yi Ho at heads up to ship the NT$ 171,600 (~US$ 6,157) first prize and the event trophy. Also cashing in were notables Kar Wee Chee, Ori Kossonogi, and Li Ta Hsu. 

Hua Wei Lin – Monster Stack

Date: Monday, March 8
Buy in: NT$ 13,200 (~US$ 475)
Entries: 47
Prize pool: NT$ 547,000 (~US$ 19,630)
ITM: 8 places


1st Hua Wei Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 171,600
2nd Chung Yi Ho – Taiwan – NT$ 114,400
3rd Kar Wee Chee – Malaysia – NT$ 79,500
4th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – NT$ 57,700
5th Benezra Nissan Nisim – Israel – NT$ 43,000
6th Li Ta Hsu – Taiwan – NT$ 33,200
7th Tak Yan – USA – NT$ 26,300
8th Yo Da Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 21,500

Event #14: High Rollers – PO WEN FANG – NT$ 249,600 (~US$ 8,956)

Immediately after bowing out of the APT Championships Event in 8th place, Po Wen Fang jumped in the High Rollers and proceeded to ship it for his first ever APT win. Fang outlasted 11 other runners to lock up the NT$ 249,600 (~US$ 8,956) first prize and the event trophy. 

Po Wen Fang – High Rollers

Date: Sunday, March 8
Buy in: NT$ 35,000 (~US$ 1,256) 
Entries: 12 
Prize pool: NT$ 349,200 (~US$ 12,530)
ITM: 2 places


1st Po Wen Fang – Taiwan – NT$ 249,600 
2nd Yen Liang Yao – Taiwan – NT$ 99,600 

Event #15: Deep Stack Turbo – MAO LIN YU – NT$ 50,200 (~US$ 1,800)

34 turned up at the Deep Stack Turbo event for a prize pool amounting to NT$ 131, 900 (~US$ 4,733). Emerging victorious was Mao Lin Yu  for his first ever APT cash of NT$ 50,200 (~US$ 1,800). Yu was also awarded the event trophy to help kick off his awards table collection.

Mao Lin Yu – Deep Stack Turbo

Date: Sunday, March 7
Buy in: NT$ 4,400 (~US$ 158)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: NT$ 131, 900 (~US$ 4,733) 
ITM: 6 places 


1st Mao Lin Yu – Taiwan – NT$ 50,200
2nd Tien Wei Yao – Taiwan – NT$ 30,800
3rd Ho Ru Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 20,000
4th Chih Wei Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 13,700
5th En Hao Chan – Taiwan – NT$ 9,800
6th Richard Hsia – Canada – NT$ 7,400

Event #16: High Rollers Single Day – CHEN AN LIN – NT$ 286,000 (~US$ 10,262)

The last of the High Rollers events drove 31 to action for a prize pool of NT$ 751,700 (~US$ 26,970). The chase came down between Taiwanese superstars Yen Han “Pete” Chen and Chen An Lin. In the end, Lin denied Pete a second series win and secured his second ever APT title. For his win, Lin collected NT$ 286,000 (~US$ 10,262) and the event trophy. 

Chen An Lin – High Rollers Single Day

Date: Monday, March 8
Buy in: NT$ 27,000 (US$ 970)
Entries: 31
Prize pool: NT$ 751,700 (~US$ 26,970)
ITM: 6 places


1st Chen An Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 286,000
2nd Yen Han “Pete” Chen – Taiwan – NT$ 175,700
3rd Wei Chen Liu – Taiwan – NT$ 114,000
4th Chan Lok Ming – Taiwan – NT$ 78,000
5th Chi Jen Chu – Taiwan – NT$ 56,000
6th Yu Chung “Nevan” Chang – Taiwan – NT$ 42,000

Event #17: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – MING NAN CHOU – NT$ 50,200 (~US$ 1,800)

Winning the series’s last event at CTP Club Taipei was Ming Nan Chou at the Deep Stack Hyper Turbo. Chou outlasted the event’s 34 runners. He defeated APT Championships Event winner Ping Hao Huang at heads up to grab the last trophy and the NT$ 50,200 (~US$ 1,800) first prize. Like many before him, this was Chou’s first ever APT cash. 

Ming Nan Chou – Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

Date: Monday, March 8
Buy in: NT$ 4,400 (~US$ 158) 
Entries: 34
Prize pool: NT$ 131, 900 (~US$ 4,733) 
ITM: 6 places 


1st Ming Nan Chou – Taiwan – NT$ 50,200
2nd Ping Hao Huang – Taiwan – NT$ 30,800
3rd Meng Ling Lin – Taiwan – NT$ 20,000
4th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – NT$ 13,700
5th Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – NT$ 9,800
6th Chia Yun Wu – Taiwan – NT$ 7,400

For all completed events including the series opener at CTP Club Taichung, players in the money were awarded points towards the APT Player of the Series race. You can view the standings and all the event results via the links provided. Winner of this contest will be revealed once all events have concluded. 

APT Player of the Series leaderboard

APT Taiwan 2021 results