Final 8 players of the MAIN EVENT; also inside Day 3 recap

It took over ten hours of intense Day 3 action for the Final 8 players to emerge at the APT Vietnam Ho Chi Minh 2019 – MAIN EVENT. Along the way were an abundance of crushing victories and painful defeats. The leadership status had no loyalties as it switched from player to player. With chips moving in every direction, it was hard to guess who would survive. Out of the six APT champions that returned to the hunt, five cashed but not one reached the Final 8. 

Then just past the midnight hour, the wait was over. The Final 8 was formed.  Five of them were from the host country but New Zealand owned the night with Oliver Helm at the top.  

Final 8 players

Final 8 players – by chip count

Oliver Helm – New Zealand – 3,120,000
Quang Nguyen – Vietnam – 2,990,000
Nguyen Nam Duong – Vietnam – 1,285,000
Terry Nguyen – Vietnam – 1,245,000
Zhou Jin Ping – China – 1,210,000
Tobias Napel – Norway – 745,000
Duy Khanh – Vietnam – 540,000
Nguyen Thanh – Vietnam – 315,000

*Final 8 race will stream live on APT Twitch and APT YouTube.

All of these players are seeking their first-ever APT major title. Quang Nguyen nearly captured it back in October at APT Vietnam 2018 where he finished 2nd. He will be the player to watch for especially that he enters the final day with the second largest stack.

You can read up on the day’s action via our live posts. See how the finalists secured their seats and how the rest fared in Day 3. 

Live Updates

Final day info

It will be an exciting final race to the title. The eventual winner is guaranteed to pocket VND 1,892,170,000 (~USD 81,000). Below are the remaining payouts: 

1st VND 1,892,170,000
2nd VND 1,261,440,000
3rd VND 876,930,000
4th VND 633,390,000
5th VND 473,680,000
6th VND 365,580,000
7th VND 290,310,000
8th VND 236,520,000

Prize pool and Payouts

Total chips in play: 11,450,000
Average stack: 1,431,250
Opening blinds: 20K-40K ante 40k (Level 27) counting down from 37:17
Game time: cards in the air at 13opm 

Day 3 recap

The VND 22,000,000 buy-in Main Event drew a combined 458 entries for a guarantee smashing prize pool of VND 8,885,200,000 (~USD 380,000).  63 players returned from Day 2, each one on the hunt for the money and eventually a seat to the Final 8 round. 

Three hours in, the money was reached with Ryusuke Kasawaki railing American player Sachaswan. From there, the 46 remaining players dropped slowly. APT champion Cao Ngoc Anh cashed early. He started his day very strong, going from 20 bbs to nearly 200 bbs however he wasn’t able to hold it and fell in 40th place. Soo Jo Kim had a rougher time. Unable to produce a threatening stack, he was eliminated in 34th place. 

The day’s entering chip leaders – Lee Boon Han, Low Zi Cheng, and Tso Wei – continued to run well. They all finished within the final two tables. India’s Manoj Pentakota also brought in a large stack to Day 3 which grew much larger after delivering a double knockout. He bowed out in 12th place. As for the champions, APT Tokyo Japan champion Kannapong Thanarattrakul was the only one who found his way to the unofficial final table of ten players. He finished in 10th place. Day 3 closed at the fall of Kajornnut Prirungrueng in 9th place with A 10 running into Terry Nguyen‘s A A.

Read up on the action via our Live Updates. 

ITM players

Eliminations 9th – 12th

9th Kajornnut Prirungrueng – Thailand – VND 197,100,000
10th Kannapong Thanarattrakul – Thailand – VND 164,250,000

11th Guan Tian Liang – China – VND 136,860,000
12th Manoj Pentakota –  India – VND 136,860,000

Eliminations 13th to 15th – VND 114,060,000

13th Tso Wei – Hong Kong
14th David Erquiaga – Philippines 
15th Zannik Boesche – Germany 

Eliminations 16th to 18th – VND 96,050,050

16th Lee Boon Han – Malaysia 
17th Chan Wei Hong – Malaysia 
18th Low Zi Cheng – Singapore

Eliminations 19th to 22nd – VND 79, 210,000

19th Tai Hsing Hsiung – Taiwan 
20th Miao Jia – China 
21st Hwang Seong Il – Korea
22nd Le Long Stephane – France 

Eliminations 23rd to 27th – VND 66,010,000

23rd Kenta Hino – Japan
24th Soeren Kargo Toerwquiot – Denmark
25th Fan Chi Fu – Taiwan
26th Nguyen Duy Tung – Vietnam
27th HIsashi Ogi – Japan

Eliminations 28th to 36th – VND 55,010,000

28th Reynold Ng Yan Wen – Singapore
29th Duong Thanh Ha – Vietnam
30th Tai Chen Lye – Singapore
31st Marius Zalpys – Lithuania 
32nd Yar Gin Wee – Singapore 
33rd A Hoang – Vietnam
34th Soo Jo Kim – Korea
35th Aaron Sing Keung Li – Australia
36th David Wai Ho – USA 

Eliminations 37th to 45th – VND 45,840,000

37th Rubin Labroo – India 
38th Tzu Ting Su – Taiwan
39th Ryusuke Kasawaki – Japan
40th Cao Ngoc Anh – Vietnam 
41st Timothy Goh – Singapore 
42nd Nguyen Duc Hop – Vietnam
43rd Lok Gino – China
44th Lim Chor Heng – Singapore 
45th Hong Jehun – Korea

46th Zhang Lei – China – VND 38,200,000