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Zodiac Classic - Final Day - Sponsored by Natural8 - TWD 20,000,000 GTD




Jun Li

TWD 4.4M

UK's Jun Li Wins Richest Zodiac Classic in APT History TWD 4,362,800 (~$138,780)

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APTTWM-ZCFD-34.jpg Jun Li

UK's Jun Li has won the TWD 80,000 APT Taipei - Sponsored by Natural8 - Zodiac Classic for TWD 4,362,800 (~$138,780). Li bested a field of 320 entries, creating a total prize pool of TWD 22,348,800 (~$709,400). The final day started at 11.15 AM local time, with 111 players still in it to win. First of all, the players had to make sure to make it into the top 47 to claim a minimum cash of TWD 127,000 (~$4,030).

The chip leader going into the final day was Australia's Christopher Tran. Familiar names that made it to the final day were former WSOP Main Event runner-up Tony Miles, four-time WSOP bracelet winner Bradley Ruben, Natural8 ambassadors Phachara Wongwichit and Yu Chung "Nevan" Chang and Taiwan's #2 Yen-Han "Pete" Chen.

While Jun Li was leading the field on the bubble, Canada's Aiden Tam became our bubble boy after losing with pocket sevens against the ace queen of Takeshi Takahashi. Familiar names that made it into the money but not to the final table were Australia's Jennifer Cassell 40th (TWD 127,000), last year's APT Taipei Zodiac Classic champion Younghee Park 46th (TWD 127,000), and Hong Kong's Sparrow Cheung 19th (TWD 230,000).

APTTW_N_ZC_FD-403945.jpg Sparrow Cheung

After several lost pots, Christopher Tran would become our final table bubble boy. Tran stormed out of the Asia Poker Arena after he lost with king-jack against the eights of Edgar Asehan.

Zodiac Classic Final Table Payout

Pos.NameCountry/RegionPrize in TWDPrize in USD
1Jun LiUnited Kingdom4,362,800~$138,792
2Florencio Iv CampomanesPhilippines2,767,000~$88,044
3Edgar AsehanPhilippines2,074,000~$66,067
4Alan King Lun LauHong Kong1,678,000~$53,428
5Martin SedlakGermany1,323,000~$42,144
6Benjamin JacobsUnited States1,010,000~$32,210
7Yen-Han "Pete" ChenTaiwan742,000~$23,657
8Yuhang ChenChina545,000545,000
9Yuichi SumidaJapan447,000~$14,220

Yuichi Sumida 9th TWD 447,000 (~$14,220) was the first to bust when he ran his ace-queen into the queens of Asehan. As the final table bubble took so long the average stack was now on around 20 big blinds. Not much later, we lost Yuhang Chen 8th TWD 545,000 (~$17,376) in 8th place,. Chen came into the final table as third, but a massive flip with ace-king against the queens of Florencio Campomanes did not go his way. Chen lost with king-ten in his final bust-out hand versus Benjamin Jacobs's ace-seven.

Taiwan's poker legend Yen-Han "Pete" Chen came into the final table as one of the shortest stacks and couldn't spin it up to above-average. His last chips were lost with ace-five against ten-eight of Florencio Campomanes. The Filipino poker pro flopped top two to send Chen towards the rail in 7th place TWD 742,000 (~$23,657).

Chip leader Florencio Campomanes would also be the one to send Benjamin Jacobs to the rail. Jacobs had pushed ace-five all-in from early position, and Campomanes called from the big blind with eights. Jacobs tournament life ended in 6th place TWD 1,010,000 (~$32,210).

For Germany's Martin Sedlak the final table must have felt very boring. Sedlak went into the final table as 4th in chips but did not get any cards to battle with. In his last hand, he jammed all in with queen-jack and ran into Edgar Asehan's ace-queen. Martin Sedlak's run ended in 5th place, taking home TWD 1,323,000 (~$42,144).

APTTWM-ZCFD-19.jpg Martin Sedlak

Our 4th place finisher is Hong Kong regular Alan King Lau. He lost all his chips with ace-king against nine-seven of Li. Lau was the short stack at the final four, and when the action got folded to the big stack of Li in the small blind, he put pressure on Lau, who woke up with a monster. A seven on the flop meant Lau was sent to the rail in 4th place, winning TWD 1,678,000 (~$53,428).

A deal was discussed multiple times, but the Filipino players wanted to play for it all. During three-handed play, Jun Li had 80% of all the chips. Asehan tried to steal from Li by pushing all-in from the button, but Li picked up kings in the big blind to send Asehan packing. Talking about the right timing! Asehan's amazing 3rd place cashed him TWD 2,074,000 (~$66,067|.

The heads-up battle between Li and Campomanes was short as Li blinked a straight on the river with jack-nine to send Campomanes packing. The Filipino who had his wife and baby in the rail for support cashes TWD 2,767,000 (~$88,044) for his runner-up finish.

We want to congratulate Jun Li on his first-ever major title. For more APT live blogs, follow us again tomorrow for the Main Event's final table.

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Level 32: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Florencio Campomanes is the Runner-Up of the Zodiac Classic TWD 2,767,000 (~$88,044)

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APTTWM-ZCFD-22.jpg Florencio Campomanes

Florencio Campomanes started the heads-up with only 5% of all the chips and he was not able to make a comeback. After doubling up once Campomanes called off Jun Li's all-in. Showdown:

Campomanes: K♣ 7♠.

Li: J♣ 9♥.

The board ran out Q♣ T♠ 7♣ 4♥ K♥, giving Jun Li a straight on the river. Campomanes was the short-stack at the final 12 players, grinded himself up to the chip lead, and after giving up the lead ladder himself to a runner-up finish worth TWD 2,767,000 (~$88,044).

NameChip Count
Florencio Campomanes0
Level 32: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Edgar Asehan Eliminated in 3rd Place TWD 2,074,000 (~$66,067)

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APTTWM-ZCFD-20.jpg Edgar Asehan

Edgar Asehan open-shoved from the button, and Jun li made the call to put him at risk.

Edgar Asehan: A♦ 5♠

Jun Li: K♠ K♥

The board ran 2♥ Q♣ Q♠ T♦ 8♥. The Filipino was eliminated in third place for TWD 2,074,000 (~$66,067).

NameChip Count
Edgar Asehan0
Level 31: Blinds 80000-160000, 160000 ante

Edgar Doubles through Li

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Edgar Asehan open-shoved for 2,100,000 and Li made the call to put him at risk.

Jun Li: A♠ 7♦

Asehan: Q♣ T♥

The board ran K♦ 3♣ T♣ A♣ T♦, the river saved Asehan and he will double throug LI.

NameChip Count
Jun Li6,900,000
Edgar Asehan4,300,000
Level 31: Blinds 80000-160000, 160000 ante

Alan Lau Eliminated in 4th Place TWD 1,678,000 (~$53,428)

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APTTW_N_ZC_FD-404079.jpg Alan Lau

The action was folded to Jun Li, the chip leader of the final four and he put the ultimate pressure on Alan Lau by going all-in.

Lau snap-called and we were off to the races.

Lau: A♥ K♣

Li: 9♣ 7♥

The board ran out 8♥ 7♦ 5♠ J♥ 4♥. A disappointed Lau left the stage in 4th place winning TWD 1,678,000 (~$53,428).

Level 31: Blinds 80000-160000, 160000 ante

No Deal!

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The players could not agree.

We continue.

Level 31: Blinds 80000-160000, 160000 ante

The ICM Numbers That Are Being Discussed

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Jun Li TWD 3,220,826 (~$102,582)

Edgar Asehan TWD 2,741,299 (~$87,309)

Florencio Campomanes TWD 2,345,168 (~$74,692)

Alan Lau TWD 2,157,527 (~$68,715)

Level 31: Blinds 80000-160000, 160000 ante

Players are Checking the ICM Numbers

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The last four remaining players have requested ICM numbers.

Level 30: Blinds 60000-120000, 120000 ante

Sedlak Eliminated in 5th Place TWD 1,323,000 (~$42,144)

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APTTW_N_ZC_FD-403983.jpg Martin Sedlak

Martin Sedlak open-shoved for 1,000,000 and Edgar Asehan made the call in big blind to put him at risk.

Sedlak: Q♥ J♣

Asehan: A♦ Q♣

The board ran 6♣ 7♠ K♥ 4♠ 3♦ did not save Sedlak and he will be eliminated in 5th walking away with TWD 1,323,000 (~$42,144)

Level 30: Blinds 60000-120000, 120000 ante

Benjamin Jacobs Busted in 6th Place TWD 1,010,000 (~$32,210)

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APTTWM-ZCFD-26 (1).jpg Benjamin Jacobs

Benjamin Jacobs jammed his last seven big blinds all-in from early position. It looked like his jam would come through, but big blinds Florencio Campomanes woke up with a hand, and with one smooth flick of the wrist, he made the call.

Jacobs: A♦ 5♠.

Campomanes: 8♣ 8♦.

The board ran out 7♠ 9♠ 7♦ Q♠ 2♣. Jacobs picked up a flush draw on the turn but wasn't able to convert it on the river.

Benjamin Jacobs has been eliminated in 6th place. At the cashier, Jacobs can pick a juicy payout of TWD 1,010,000 (~$32,210).

NameChip Count
Florencio Campomanes4,900,000
Benjamin Jacobs0