APT Taipei, Taiwan 2023

APT High Roller - 8 Max - TWD 4,500,000 GTD - Final Day




Phachara Wongwichit

TWD 4.8M

Phachara Wongwichit Wins the APT High Roller 8-Max For TWD 4,800,900 ($156,930)

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APTTaipei2023_Event43_HighRoller_FinalDay_108.jpg Phachara Wongwichit

The APT High Roller 8-Max - TWD 4,500,000 GTD has been won by Natural8 Ambassador Phachara Wongwichit. Wongwichit topped the 302-player field and takes home TWD 4,800,900 (~$156,930) for his victory after defeating Tsz Him Chan heads-up that saw the Chinese player bag TWD 4,000,000 (~$130,750) for his runner-up finish after the two flattened out the top two payouts.

Record breaking was a trend in Taipei with the APT High Roller being no exception as it set another record with its field size and also the huge TWD 26,364,600 (~$860,930) prize pool that it generated which was the second largest of the series after the Main Event.

PositionNameCountryPrize TWD (USD)
1Phachara WongwichitThailand4,800,900 (~$156,930)
2Tsz Him ChanChina4,000,000 (~$130,750)
3Robert KissUnited States2,570,500 (~$83,940)
4Hsuanchao ChenTaiwan2,074,900 (~$67,755)
5Kuan-Han ChenTaiwan1,626,700 (~$53,120)
6Peter DaNorway1,231,200 (~$40,200)
7Zarvan TumboliIndia904,300 (~$29,530)
8Kevin ChoiHong Kong664,400 (~$21,700)
9Joshua McCullyAustralia551,000 (~$17,990)

As the second day of play got underway there were 84 players still in contention with just 39 spots available in the money. Our unlucky bubble boy would be former Main Event champion Farhad Aghayev when the Azerbaijani player's pocket kings would get rivered by the ace-ten of Junichi Nakagiri with the latter rivering an ace to burst the bubble and guaranteeing all remaining players a payday of at least TWD 181,900 ($5,940).

Some notables to make it into the money were Nguyen Huu Dung (29th), Anton Lu (27th), James Mendoza (24th), Michael Lech (14th), and Hon Cheong Lee (11th).

It was Chan who entered the final table as the chip leader with double the stack of his next rival, Zarvan Tumboli. The other nine players all held a stack within the twenty to thirty big blind range as the aggressive Chan looked to run over the table with his unpredictable style of play.

APTTaipei2023_Event43_HighRoller_FinalDay_095.jpg Zarvan Tumboli

After just nine hands at the final table, it was Australia's Joshua Mccully who fell victim to Chan as he three-bet shoved his pocket deuces and lost a flip to the king-queen of the Chinese player. With that pot, Chan's stack had grown to over eleven million which was over a third of the total chips in play as Mccully exited in ninth for TWD 551,000 (~$17,990)

Chan would send another player to the rail next as he eliminated Kevin Choi. Choi had shoved all in with queen-jack over an open from Chan, only for the latter to make a loose call with jack-nine to put the player from Hong Kong at risk. That loose call from Chan would be rewarded as he flopped a straight to send Choi to the rail in eighth for TWD 664,400 (~$21,700).

Tumboli managed to find a double-up against Wongwichit with ace-jack against the Thai player's ace-deuce but ultimately it would be the Indian player who fell next as he open-shoved ace-king and couldn't get there against the pocket tens of Chan. The three-time APT title holder would take seventh for TWD 904,300 (~$29,530).

APTTaipei2023_Event43_HighRoller_FinalDay_103.jpg Peter Da

Chan kept his chance of a clean sweep of final-table eliminations alive as he sent Day 1 chip leader Peter Da to the rail in sixth. Da had called Chan's river shove with a set of sixes but ran into the straight of Chan who held jack-seven. Da, visibly distraught at what had just played out, takes home a career-best score of TWD 1,231,200 (~$40,200).

Kuan-Han Chen had been keeping out of trouble on the final table but would eventually fall in fifth when his jack-eight was just pipped by the jack-nine of Robert Kiss. Chen was on his second final table of the series after finishing eighth in the Zodiac Classic just a few days prior and takes home TWD 1,626,700 (~$53,120) for his fifth-place finish here.

Chan would pick up his fifth elimination of the final table next as his pocket nines would comfortably hold against the ace-five of Hsuanchao Chen. After three previous cashes in this series, this would by far be the largest for Chen as he finished just shy of the podium places in fourth for a payday of TWD 2,074,900 (~$67,755).

43- APT High Roller-117.jpg Robert Kiss

It didn't take much longer to bring us to heads-up play when Wongwichit turned trips with four-five to take down the pocket aces of Kiss. Kiss had played some excellent poker to manage his short stack and ladder up the payouts before finally being eliminated in third for a career-best score of TWD 2,570,500 (~$83,940).

It would be Chan who entered heads-up play with a two-to-one chip advantage but that title was swiftly relinquished when Wongwichit scored a full double-up holding ace-six against the king-jack of Chan, with the board giving both players two pair.

APTTaipei2023_Event43_HighRoller_FinalDay_096.jpg Tsz Him Chan

Chan would get a double-up of his own when his jack-eight flopped a pair and held against the flush draw of Wongwichit, who was holding jack-five. In the end, it would be Wongwichit's night as he shoved five-six into Chan who made the call holding queen-nine. The Thai player would flop two pair, and despite Chan turning some outs, he would hold on to seal the title and take home TWD 4,800,900 (~$156,930) for his victory.

Chan made the final table extremely entertaining to watch with his unpredictability and style of play that nobody could seem to grasp. The Chinese player bagged a career-best score of TWD 4,000,000 (~$130,750) for his runner-up spot which is his third cash of the series, and fifth cash of his poker career.

The entire APT crew wants to thank all the players for their massive support throughout the last ten days. Every day new records were set and this wouldn't have been possible without this incredible support. The next APT series will be APT Summer Series in Hanoi, Vietnam. This tour will be held from May 26 to June 4, 2023. We hope to see you there.

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Level 32: Blinds 200000-400000, 400000 ante

Chan Doubles Back to over 10 Million

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Hand #104 The action started with Chan calling from the big blind. Wongwichit checked his option and the flop came 8♥ 9♥ T♣. Wongwichit checked towards Chan who lead out 600,000. Wongwichit decided to jam his entire stack to the middle and Chan made the fast call. Wongwichit showed J♥ 5♥ for a flush draw and up and down and Chan tabled J♦ 8♠ for bottem pair and the same up and down as the Thai.

Wongwichit rail went nuts as they screamed for a "heart", but the board ran out A♣ and 9♠, what meant double up for Chan!

SeatNameChip Counts
3Tsz Him Chan10,500,000
4Phachara Wongwichit19,500,000
Level 32: Blinds 200000-400000, 400000 ante

Wongwichit Pressuring Chan

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The more experienced Phachara Wongwichit is now putting maximum pressure on Tsz Him Chan. Can the Chinese come back?

Level 31: Blinds 150000-300000, 300000 ante

Wongwichit Takes the Lead

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Hand #94 Tsz Him Chan opened the action from the button to 750,000 and Phachara Wongwichit jammed all-in for just over 9,000,000, Chan called. Chan showed K♠ J♣ while Wongwichit tabled A♣ 6♣.

The board ran out 6♥ K♥ A♦ J♠ T♣, making sure Wongwichit doubles up and therefore now is our new chip leader. The Thai rail from Wongwichit exploded in pure joy.

Level 31: Blinds 150000-300000, 300000 ante

Chan Goes into the Heads-up in the Lead

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SeatNameChip Counts
3Tsz Him Chan19,000,000
4Phachara Wongwichit10,000,000
Level 31: Blinds 150000-300000, 300000 ante

We Are Now Heads-up

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We are now heads-up the players are taking a short break.

The heads-up will be between the China's Tsz Him Chan and Natural8 ambassador Phachara Wongwichit.

Level 31: Blinds 150000-300000, 300000 ante

Robert Kiss Unlucky Hits the Rail in 3rd Place ($83,940)

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Hand #89 Phachara Wongwichit limped the small blind with 5♦ 4♦ for 300,000. Robert Kiss in the big blind raised to 750,000 with A♠ A♦. Wongwichit made the call. The flop came Q♣ 5♥ 9♥. The Thai checked the action to Kiss who now fired 850,000. Wongwichit called.

The jackpot was hit by Wongwichit on the turn as the 5♠ meant pure heartbreak for Kiss. He again checked the action to Kiss who now moved all-in. Wongwichit quickly called and gave the bad news to the American. The river J♠ meant that Wongwichit busted Robert Kiss.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Hsuanchao Chen Out in 4th Place ($67,755)

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Hand #78 Hsuanchao Chen moved all-in from the small blind and received the fast call by Tsz Him Chan from the big blind. Chen showed A♦ 5♥ while Chan tabled 9♠ 9♥.

The board ran out 3♥ J♦ 3♠ 7♣ J♥. Hsuanchao Chen finished in 4th place.

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Another Double Up for Kiss

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Hand #76 Phachara Wongwichit pushed all-in from the small blind to put pressure on the big blind of Robert Kiss. The American however snap called. Showdown:

Phachara: K♣ 9♣

Kiss: A♦ K♠

The board ran T♥ T♣ K♥ 6♣ J♠, another double up for Kiss!

Level 30: Blinds 125000-250000, 250000 ante

Robert Kiss Doubles Up

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Hand #72 Hsuanchao Chen opened the action from the cutoff to 600,000 and the short stacked Robert Kiss from the big blind made the call with Q♥ 9♣. The flop came 9♠ 3♣ 5♦, what made Kiss go all-in for his last 890,000. Chen decided to call.

The 8♦ on the turn gave Chen a gutshot, but the 5♥ on the river gave Robert Kiss the double up.