Registering Online

Register for your APT Registration Card online; your Digital APT Registration Card can be used for all upcoming APT Events. The cut-off date for online registration is 12pm local time on April 25.

Physical card collections can be done at any of our registration counters at the venue. You can use your physical APT Registration Card to enjoy discounts at selected Jeju Shinhwa World Resort bars and restaurants.

Venue Information

All tournaments will take place at the Landing Casino Jeju 랜딩 카지노 304 38 Sinhwayeoksa-ro, 특별자치도, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-do, South Korea

Entry into Landing Casino is free. The casino is open to patrons aged 19 and above, carrying valid accepted forms of identification.

Accepted forms of identification

  • Foreigner citizens: Valid foreign passport
  • Expatriate Koreans:
    1. Korean passport (PM/PR)
    2. Green card (issue by overseas country) OR certificate of emigration (issued by Korean government)
    • Expatriate Koreans are required to agree to and sign an Overseas Korean Confirmation Letter upon registering at the casino counter in accordance with Korean government guidelines.

The casino reserves the right to deny entry to guests unable or unwilling to provide the required documents.

Venue Restrictions

Casino guests are kindly asked to observe the following regulations:

  • No cameras of photography
  • No flip flops
  • No pajamas
  • No pets

Airport Shuttle Schedule

shuttle schedule.jpg

Venue Food Menu

Menu A (26 - 30 April) & Menu B (01 - 05 May)

Media and Vloggers

If you are a member of the media or content creator and would like to film, or vlog at our upcoming event, please complete the Media Request form send to together with a copy of your passport bio-page and a passport size photo. The deadline for submission is April 12, 2024.

Buy-Ins and Payouts

We accept tournament buy-in in South Korean Won (KRW) cash and Casino Chips which can be procured from the casino cage cashier (Currencies accepted by the casino cage: USD, RMB, HKD, JPY, SGD, TWD, THB, GBP, EUR & MYR). For more information, please inquire with

Official Hotel Booking Site


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Cash Games

There will be at least 15 tables of cash poker running throughout the festival. Games will run from 6pm on Thursday, April 25 with operating hours of 11am-5am with the following stakes available:

No Limit and Pot Limit Games

  • KRW 1,000/3,000 (~USD 0.75/2.25) – 10% rake capped at KRW 15,000 – KRW 100,000 min buy-in, KRW 300,000 max buy-in.
  • KRW 3,000/6,000 (~USD 2.20/4.40) – 10% rake capped at KRW 30,000 – KRW 300,000 min buy-in, KRW 1M max buy-in.
  • KRW 5,000/10,000 (~USD 3.70/7.40) – 10% rake capped at KRW 40,000 – KRW 500,000 min buy-in, KRW 2M max buy-in.
  • KRW 10,000/25,000 (~USD 7.40/18.60) – 5% rake capped at KRW 75,000 – KRW 1M min buy-in, no max cap.
  • KRW 25,000/50,000 (~USD 18.60/37.20) – 5% rake capped at KRW 100,000 – KRW 2.5M min buy-in, no max cap.
  • KRW 50,000/100,000 (~USD 37.20/74.40) – 5% rake capped at KRW 200,000 – KRW 5M min buy-in, no max cap.

Limit Games

  • KRW 6,000/12,000 (~USD 4.45/8.90) – 10% rake capped at KRW 15,000 – KRW 120,000 min buy-in, no max cap.
  • KRW 10,000/20,000 (~USD 7.40/14.80) – 5% rake capped at KRW 20,000 – KRW 200,000 min buy-in, no max cap.
  • KRW 20,000/40,000 (~USD 14.80/29.60) – 5% rake capped at KRW 30,000 – KRW 400,000 min buy-in, no max cap.