APT Jeju, South Korea 2024

APT High Roller - Final Day - KRW 650,000,000 GTD




Ting Yi Tsai

KRW 267M
Level 28: Blinds 100000-200000, 200000 ante

Hon Cheong Lee Has Been Eliminated in 4th Place For KRW 101,040,000 (~$74,340); Kai Yu Has Been eliminated in 5th Place For KRW 80,560,000 (~$59,270)

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APTJEJU_M_#76HRFD-221.jpg Hon Choeng Lee (left), Kai Yu (middle), and Eric Tsai (right)

Hon Cheong Lee has been eliminated in 4th place for KRW 101,040,000 (~$74,340); Kai Yu has been eliminated in 5th place for KRW 80,560,000 (~$59,270)

Hand 72 Eric Tsai shoved from the button for 6,200,000 and Hon Cheong Lee called for 2,100,000 from the small blind. Kai Yu also called from the big blind for 1,800,000.

Tsai 7♣ 8♣

Lee A♦ K♦

Yu T♥ T♦

Huge flashbacks to the APT Main Event yesterday and another opportunity arose here for a double elimination on a major APT final table.

The flop of Q♣ K♠ 7♦ favored Lee as he paired his king and took the lead.

Tsai added a lot of outs on the 5♣ turn gave him a flush draw which also cut Yu's outs in half. Tsai needed to find a seven, eight, or a club on the river and he would score a double elimination.

The rail is Taiwan's Tsai erupted when the 3♣ which gave him a flush and eliminated both Lee and Yu. Lee gets the pay jump as he had more chips and Tsai takes a huge chip lead with three players remaining.

NameChip Count
Eric Tsai10,000,000
Hon Cheong Lee0
Kai Yu0