APT Jeju, South Korea 2024

APT High Roller - Final Day - KRW 650,000,000 GTD




Ting Yi Tsai

KRW 267M
Level 26: Blinds 60000-120000, 120000 ante

Tsolmon-Erdene Oredene-Ochir Has Been Eliminated in 6th Place For KRW 61,900,000 (~$45,540)

PostedJust nowby Life of Poker - Kai

APTJEJU_M_#76HRFD-203.jpg Tsolmon-Erdene Oredene-Ochir and Eric Tsai share a handshake

Tsolmon-Erdene Oredene-Ochir has been eliminated in 6th place for KRW 61,900,000 (~$45,540).

Hand 50 Eric Tsai raised to 360,000 from the small blind and Ochir shoved all in for 3,000,000 from the big blind. Tsai snap-called.

Ochir Q♠ Q♣

Tsai A♥ A♦

A brutal setup between the two players sitting in the blinds and the stacks were almost identical which meant this was for the chip lead.

Ochir was looking for a queen but after the dealer ran a board of T♣ 3♦ 5♥ J♠ 4♣ the stacks were counted down and the Mongolian player was eliminated.

NameChip Count
Eric Tsai6,200,000
Tsolmon-Erdene Oredene-Ochir0