EL BEANjo ships the MAIN EVENT for $144.3K

The Asian Poker Tour‘s newest MAIN EVENT champion has emerged! Congratulations to EL BEANjo! Running from June 18 to 21, the APT Online Series 2nd Edition drew a tour event record 1,985 entries across 16 starting flights. The pot was a guaranteed ONE MILLION DOLLARS. The Final Day completed in eight hours with EL BEANjo knocking out four of the final table players to lift the APT Trophy, APT Championship Ring, and a bucketful $ 144,352.56 first prize. 

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Buy in: $ 500
Date: June 18 to 21
Guarantee: $ 1,000,000
Entries: 1,985
Prize pool: $ 1,000,000
Final Day qualifiers: 463
ITM: 278 places

It took nearly seven hours for the final day field to go from 463 to the final table. Along the way, EL BEANjo was already putting pressure on players to enter the top 10 tier with around 70 remaining. From that moment onwards, EL BEANjo maintained the high status. As it closed in on the final table, EL BEANjo went on a mad rush, railing ARMAND De (11th) and stonej (10th) to deny both players a seat to the finals.

Kicking off the final action, EL BEANjo entered with an uber-kingly stack while Transurfing looked to catch up by delivering the first bust to Horologist on the first hand tabled.  However, despite the fall of players to others, no one did catch up to EL BEANjo. Alors Peut-Etre railed In$ight (8th) with ace-king winning the flip against pocket nines. M.Tsigalko railed putipupu (7th) and Mjfx (6th). From there, it was all EL BEANjo. 

Alors Peut-Etre bit it on 5th place with A 10 falling to J J. Transurfing was next with pocket fours out-flipped by ace-seven with a seven on the flop. By this time, EL BEANjo may as well have had all the chips with nearly 100 bbs to play with. After several hands, the final three struck a deal and played for the glory, trophy, and ring. Ultimately, EL BEANjo’s stack was too massive to dent to emerge victorious.

Final table payouts

1st EL BEANjo – $ 144,352.56 (deal)
2nd M.Tsigalko – $ 106,238.41 (deal)
3rd kidpoker82 – $ 90,158.49 (deal)
4th Transurfing – $ 56,970.61
5th Alors Peut-Etre – $ 41,343.54
6th Mjfx – $ 30,002.93
7th putipupu – $ 21,773.08
8th In$ight – $ 15,800.69
9th Horologist – $ 11,466.57