Dutch pro Tobias Peters wins the Championships Event

After five days of intense poker competition, Dutch pro Tobias Peters became the newest APT Championships Event winner! Peters was awarded the APT Championships Event trophy, APT Championship Ring, and NT$ 1,848,800 (~US$ 60,500). This was his first title in Asia. 

Congratulations to the champ! 

APT Finale Taiwan 2019 – CHAMPIONSHIPS EVENT – was the event to conquer. Kicking off on December 5 at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association, it drew 159 entries at NT$ 49,500 each for a prize pool of NT$ 6,940,300 (~US$ 227,600). 16 players cashed in with the final 8 payouts determined today. 

The final race streamed live and has been uploaded on APT Twitch and APT YouTube. We also have a recap below. 

Final 8 payouts
1st Tobias Peters – Netherlands NT$ 1,848,800
2nd Takao Shimizu – Japan – NT$ 1,232,700
3rd Sera Ota – Japan – NT$ 856,900
4th Punnat Punsri – Thailand – NT$ 618,900
5th Carlos Chang – Taiwan – NT$ 462,900
6th Go Mori – Japan – NT$ 357,200
7th Neil Raine – UK – NT$ 283,700
8th Chi Ying Tsai – Taiwan – NT$ 231,100

Final 8 race

Despite being the most highly accomplished player at the final 8, it wasn’t an easy day in the park for eventual champion Tobias Peters. He entered the day in 6th rank while three decorated APT champions sat up top: Neil Raine, Punnat Punsri, and Carlos Chang. Within the first five minutes, Peters put Chang to the test with a three-bet shove. Chang opted to fold. 

When blinds went up, Chang delivered the first elimination. Utg+1 Chi Ying Tsai shoved her short stack with A-10, bb Chang challenged with 8-3, a three came on the flop and held for Chi to exit in 8th place. 

Chi Ying Tsai

At seven-handed, chip leader Neil Raine got pummeled. He suffered three hits, two from Go Mori. The first loss was a lucky two-outer for Mori with Q Q set against K K on a board 5 6 8 Q 9. Mori’s next double up was A 9 holding against 9 6. The third hit was from Sera Ota who cracked Raine’s A A with 8 8 set on a board 6 K 8 J 3. The shoves were at the flop. Unable to recover, Raine was eliminated in 7th place by Chang with A-10 dominating 10-9 throughout. 

Neil Raine

At six-handed, Mori doubled up again, this time through Chang. Peters claimed his first double up through Ota. The round ended with Mori denied a fourth stack jump. His J 10 two pair was counterfeited on a board 10 J 3 8 3 for Ota to ship it with K K

Go Mori

Entering five-handed, Ota had a commanding chip lead and ballooned further by knocking out Chang in 5th place. Chang shoved with Q 10 that didn’t improve against Ota’s A 10 on a board J K 7 K 8

Carlos Chang

Four-handed action saw Punnat Punsri risking it all on a flop 7 2 9 called by Peters. Punsri had 5 8, Peters K 10, the turn 2 saw no change but with the river 6, Punsri completed a straight  to double up. Peters reclaimed some of the lost chips when his A Q dominated Punsri’s A 3 throughout. Peters landed another double up (his third), this time Takao Shimizu paid up. 

Alike Peters, Shimizu recovered. From sb, Punsri shoved K 6, bb Shimizu risked it all with A 10, the board ran Q 3 3 6 for a pair to Punsri, but with the river A Shimizu jumped ahead for a double up. Punsri spiraled down to bottom rank. Several hands later, Punsri shoved with K 2, Ota called with A 10, Punsri missed the board to pack up in 4th place. With his fall, this guaranteed a first-time APT champion would be crowned.

Punnat Punsri

With Punsri’s departure, Peters quickly went to work grinding for chips and winning a majority of the pots to take the lead. Ota’s stack continued to diminish until she finally pushed with 6 6 only to fall in 3rd place to Peters 7 7

Sera Ota

Heads up got underway with Peters ahead 4,935,000 to Shimizu’s 3,015,000 and blinds at 50k – 100k ante 100k. It only took 20 minutes for Peters to close it out. He grinded down Shimizu until Shimizu decided to take a stand by pushing with 6 8. Peters immediately snapped it off with J J. The final board was K J 5 5 6

Takao Shimizu

APT Finale Taiwan 2019 Event Results